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So I’ve been doing the Hotwifing thing for a good while. Were I a game hunter, I would have a fairly impressive trophy room by now. However, I am not one to boast unless in the company of similarly naughty Hotwives and Stags. What I will say is that having met a good deal of single men over the last few years, I feel reasonably qualified to note a typology amongst the Bull species.


I should point out again that I’m not a huge fan of calling male playfriends Bulls (or species), but in the Hotwifing playbook, it’s a convenient term to denote this particular member of the team and his role in the dynamic. Most guys are oblivious to the term, and that in itself will tell you if your Bull is really even a Bull!

Anyway, let’s make like Sir David Attenborough (or not!) and take a look at the type of Bulls you may encounter in the Hotwifing savannah:

The Accidental Bull

This is the Bull who didn’t realise he was one. He may have stumbled into the swingers or Hotwifing scene unwittingly through friends or by simply listing himself as looking for couples on adult dating websites. The Accidental Bull most likely has had no prior experience with multi-partner sex, and if he has, it was most likely a drunken episode with his housemates. He wants to broaden his horizons but isn’t quite sure how to go about it. He’s perfect for Hotwives who want someone eager to please. Many however will retreat back to vanilla sex. Some will evolve into a Pseudo Bull or beyond.

The Pseudo Bull

This is the Bull who has played with enough couples and Hotwives to know that he enjoys mixing it up. He still prefers one-on-one hookups with single women but will happily put his hand up if a couple wants some MFM action. Sometimes he will specifically seek out a couple when he wants more than a scoop of vanilla. However, the Psuedo Bull is most likely to pull out of a threesome date if a booty call from a solo sexy babe distracts him. In turn, the Pseudo Bull is himself best suited as a booty call. He is mostly a Bull on a whim.

The Adaptable Bull (aka The Perfect Bull)

In my book this is the perfect Bull. Easy-going and open-minded, the Adaptable Bull is experienced enough to know how Hotwifing works. He’s happy to put on a show for the Stag, or produce a huge load for the Cuck to clean up. He doesn’t mind being the only cock, or one of many for the night. He has a good sized penis that can get hard and stay hard, condom and all. He knows his boundaries so while he’s flirty and dirty with the Hotwife, he isn’t texting her 24/7. He is also mindful of the Stag and respectful towards him. Equally happy to hook up with couples and single women, the Adaptable Bull definitely won’t back out of a date.

The Possessive Bull

Not the best team player, the Monogamous Bull is OK with having the Stag in the same room (how gracious of him…) but he isn’t keen on any other cocks sharing the Hotwife. He secretly enjoys the alone time he gets with her and almost only agrees to any threesome action with the Stag just to fuck her. In short, he doesn’t get off on the multi-cock dynamics of group sex. Eventually this Bull will progress to only seeing a Hotwife if she can play on her own and may even refuse to participate in gangbangs or threesomes. He wants to be the only cock. Often, he is easily the only dick…

The Hardcore Bull

If you really only want a Bull for his cock and ability to use it, then the Hardcore Bull is perfect. He is polite at best, and often indifferent to you as a person outside of the bedroom. He is respectful and understands boundaries but he only sees recreational sex as a sport and you’re the teammate with the holes he needs to fill. He’s not fussed about socialising and is quite happy to literally slip right into the action once he enters the room. The Hardcore Bull doesn’t care that you’re a lovely person who can make the best ham sandwiches. He doesn’t care if you’re a size 8 or 18. He’s there to do a job. Simple.

The Boyfriend Bull

This Bull has been integrated into the Hotwifing dynamic on a deeper level. He is pretty much like a boyfriend for the Hotwife, going on dates and even shopping excursions together. This Bull may even travel with a couple for wild holidays. He’s not trying to replace the Stag, but he may be on board to fill more voids than the more obvious ones. This is great if the Stag actually prefers outsourcing not only the sexual needs of his partner but also her emotional ones. The Boyfriend Bull may even eschew other relationships and choose to be monogamous to the Hotwife. Dangerous territory? I think it’s just a precursor to polygamy. Horses for courses!

Have I missed any other Bull types? I’m sure there are so many other variations and sub-types but for the sake of simplification, I think I’ve got them covered. Which one do you prefer, or are you?


  1. bdenied

    January 29, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Yes I think you missed one. The Lone Bull. He only plays with the wife and does not want anything to do with the husband. He wont come around if the husband is present, He will never let the husband watch or participate, he is does not want other bulls around her and gets jealous of her trysts with others.

    He wants to use her for his pleasure and does not care if she gets off. He calls at 2am and wants her there by 3am. The wife loves this arrangment and always is happy when he shows up.

  2. David V

    February 16, 2018 at 12:07 am

    We don’t like the possessive types that want to be them only, etc. Both wife and I avoid them… Don’t know if it’s because if someone tried making fun of me, my wife would throw him out the nearest window 😁 that’s if I don’t slap him first…

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