Single Guys: The Hotwife Checklist

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What does a hotwife want from a guy?

A huge cock. Just kidding. Sorta.

This is just a list of things that I personally want/need from single guys that join me and my husband. What I want isn’t necessarily what all hotwives want, but a good portion of my list would form the basic criteria for most women.

  • Condom Friendly – This means not just a willingness to use condoms but also being able to perform with one as though it doesn’t exist. Once it’s on, I don’t want to be distracted by it.
  • Disease & Drug Free – Other than alcohol, I’m clean living and prefer my single guys to be the same. Even if the sex is safe, I’d like to know they’re looking after their own well being.
  • A Good Penis – Contrary to what I said earlier, a single guy just needs a decent cock. Size Queens may want +9 inches but it’s not necessary for me personally. As long as it looks nice, gets up and stays up, I’m happy.
  • Availability – I don’t expect a guy to be at my beck and call but if you’re only in town 80% of the time, and it’s likely I’m busy for the 20% you are in town, it’s probably not going to work.
  • Interesting – A guy doesn’t need a giant IQ to interest me but I’d like to find him interesting. Intriguing. I enjoy book smart as much as street smart. Being good at something (other than sex) gets my attention.
  • Attractiveness – Being attractive is much about presenting yourself as being genetically blessed. A beautiful looking man may get the door open faster but other factors ensure the door stays open for them. If a man is hot but otherwise lacks substance, it’ll be a one-nighter at best.
  • Attentive – You don’t need to lie about fucking other women but while you’re with me, you need to imagine that I’m the only woman you’re going to have sex with for 10 years. After I come, I could care less if you’ve got Swedish twins waiting back at your pad.
  • Height/Weight Appropriateness – A single guy doesn’t have to be ripped like MLR but I do apprecaite a physique that is on the athletic side. I prefer overweight to underweight, but not excessively. In terms of height, being 5’7″, I’d like someone taller.
Average Man

Not ripped, but still a nice body to have on me.

There are other things I can think of but they are more to do with my own tastes and idiosyncrasies (such as my preference for unattached men). I’ll write about them another time.

I think the list isn’t unreasonable but it does rule out about 70-80% of men on The Site who are seeking to join couples for threesomes. All this means is that it takes some time to hookup with guys but given how time poor I am, it’s OK.

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