How Do I Meet Guys?

So how does this Hotwife meet guys?

In this era of selfies and sending emoji texts, it may come as no surprise that I mostly meet guys online. Other than being the most convenient way to scope them out, I like knowing that a single guy has the same agenda as me. If he’s on a hookup site looking for a Hotwife, then that’s one massive hurdle cleared.

Meet Guys
Me every Sunday morning, perusing guys. Or my likeness 🙂

Now, I am attractive but that doesn’t mean I have the moxie to go up to a random guy at a bar and suggest a three-way with him and my husband. I’d be game to try for a one-one-one hookup, but it’s a confident chick who can get a guy to lean on his wild side and join a threesome with complete strangers. Maybe one day 😉

I’ve come close to making some spontaneous threesomes happen in the past. When I was younger and more naive, we met a newly engaged couple while on holidays overseas. After a night of heavy drinking, we ended up with the young man back at our hotel room. His fiancee was happy to retire but encouraged him to stay on with us. Despite that, I just couldn’t cut someone else’s lawn and to this day, I’m not convinced he really was DTF. My husband just shakes his head whenever that episode comes up.

Then there was the hot German businessman when we visited Hong Kong. The expat drinking district of Lan Kwai Fong was awash with people blowing off some afterwork steam. A friend brought my husband and I there to take in the Bacchanalian atmosphere. I struck up a conversation with the said German who was pretty merry and gave me sufficient indication that he might want to get between my legs. Unfortunately our friend insisted that we leave LKF. Immediately. Needless to say I was annoyed about missing out on some hard and efficient German sex.

I would dearly love a spontaneous threesome to happen one day but as the above examples would suggest, being out of town seems to be a prerequisite. Perhaps it’s a case of naughty things happening when you’re not actively looking? We certainly don’t go out of our way to hookup while on holidays but it seems to be when the unexpected happens. Or in the case of R, when hot guys are on holidays!

Until the unexpected happens, I’m content to trawl online and see if someone catches my fancy. There is only one website I use which I refer to as The Site as I don’t have time to work more than one ! The same guys are often on all them as well as Tinder… I won’t mention which site I use as I don’t intend for this blog to be an promotional tool for dating websites. Let’s just say, The Site delivers for me.

Needless to say there are many men listed on The Site as interested in meeting couples or attached women, but you’d be surprised how small that pool gets when I eliminate those outside my preferred age range, those who are married or attached, those who can’t string two words together, and those who aren’t my type to be frank. If I had a lot of time on my hands I’d consider meeting guys in the flesh before dismissing them, but since I don’t, I rely on my process of elimination and choose from my little wading pool of eligible men. Poor me.

Currently I have about four guys who I’m keen to meet.I think I definitely have a type as they’re almost interchangeable with each other. I may give the squirt-fan a try again, but I can never resist the lure of new cock.


  1. Where do I begin? Thank you for sharing you’re pleasurable adventures. My husband and I are newbies, and we are excited for a hotwife experience. I recently read your post “hot stuff” you mentioned that you use a reliable website/app aka The Site. Can you please share? Thanks SO MUCH AGAIN! Can’t wait to keep reading.

    • Hi there! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂 I’m trying to write more newbie focussed stuff at the mo so hopefully they help! I’m also going to set up an area for a list of websites and Apps I use/d to meet men. Please visit again some time for updates. x

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