A Date With Me

What happens when you go on a date with me?

A lot of guys I get in touch with via The Site ask me what happens on a date with me. How do I prefer to meet for the first time? Do I just want to get straight into having sex? What can or can’t they expect out of the night?

A Date With Me
As long as you turn up, we’ll have a nice time!

They are all fair questions so I thought I’d write up a virtual date with me. Sorry if you thought I was offering, though you’re more than welcome to put it out there 😉

Note: Dates with other Hotwives may not proceed this way.

So we’ve met online and chatted a few times. If you’ve engaged my prefrontal cortex sufficiently, I’ve sent you some nude photos of me and maybe even a short video of me getting pounded by your predecessor. I don’t like swapping too many photos but I do want you to get your eyes on the prize.

If the planets align properly and there is a spare night to meet a new guy, then I’ll let you know. I like to give guys as much notice as possible but sometimes it might only be a few hours. You know this though as you’ve agreed that you don’t mind getting last minute invitations.

I suggest meeting at a cool bar in the evening. There’s no need to get really dressed up but I do like guys who present themselves well. Smart casual is fine as long as you look neat and freshly prepared for the night (ie – have a shower, brush your teeth). Don’t drown yourself in cologne but a nice spicy scent is appreciated.

At this point, relax. I’m probably more nervous than you, asking my husband to reassure me that I look gorgeous. Although I’ve met many, many other guys before you, I still get a little anxious. I worry about everything from whether we meet each other’s expectations, to if you’ll even turn up. On that note, text me if you’re running really late.

I try not to overdo my makeup and keep my dress low-key on a first date. I want to leave things to your imagination. As soon as you see me I’ll be able to tell what you think. I don’t think I’ve had a negative response to this date but the more I see your face light up, the more excited I am about the rest of the night.

Over a few drinks, we chat about things in general before moving on to our respective experiences in playing with other people. Talking about sex and past play sessions usually moves us all into the right direction. By this stage, I’m guessing that you’re staying because you’d like to get to know me better. If I haven’t suggested that I need an early night then you know I’m up for it too.

If we’re all happy to move on to either our place or some other play venue (hotel room or swingers club), then we leave the bar. Back at our house, we either have another quick drink or if I feel the strong urge, I’ll get you straight into our bedroom. My husband always suggests greeting my guests naked but to be honest, I love being undressed. I actually enjoy some kissing and light foreplay with my clothes on. It’s a turn on seeing how badly a guy wants to get me out of my clothes.

(Insert sex session here lol)

I’m not into marathon sex so if we’ve had a nice hour of fun, I don’t mind if we call it a night. I don’t know too many men who have been disappointed to not fuck all night but it’s rare that I want more than a few hours. We get dressed, maybe have another drinks before thanking each other for a great night.

I walk you to the door and depending on what a guy’s like post-sex, I’ll either hug you and kiss you on the cheek, or go in for another hot kiss that promises more nights of great sex.

As long as you don’t end up with a girlfriend or go weird on me, I’m sure we’ll be in touch again soon.




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