Age Is Just a Number, Right?

A Twitter follower asked me to write something about the preferred age of Bulls, both from my own perspective as well as in general. Of course, the former is easy since I know what I like and why. However, from a general point of view, it’s hard to say what age the perfect Bull is since all Hotwives have different tastes and requirements, not to mention their own age will be a factor too. Some can’t resist cubs whereas others prefer the experienced touch of older gents. So how much of a determining factor is age in choosing a Bull?

Age is just a number

It’s often said that age is just a number but I think there are pros and cons associated with all age groups of single guys where Hotwifing is concerned. Chemistry and physical attraction are what gets two or more people in bed but I’d be lying if I said age wasn’t a significant consideration in picking someone I’ll most likely to be sexually attracted to.

My personal search parameter for Bulls is from late 20s to early 40s, the latter point being my own age. I very rarely seek outside of that bracket and never at the extremes, so no 18-year olds or 60-year-olds sorry! To be honest, I’m mostly drawn to guys in their 30s. When I’m trawling The Site for new playfriends, I automatically zero in on the cheeky 34-year-old rather than the ripped 26-year-old or the handsome 42-year-old. I guess I simply know which guy is likely to fit best, and being time poor, I filter out those who probably won’t.

In a nutshell, Mr 30-something has the right balance of maturity and playfulness for me. He gets what adult responsibilities are but aren’t jaded by them. Physically, men in their 30s aren’t gym obsessed but still look after themselves, and their boyish looks have been replaced by a more manly sexiness, which I definitely prefer. Guys in their 30s can pull off the dominant role but don’t mind being told what to do either. In terms of stamina, they’re pretty fit and in control of their sexual response so you can generally expect a decent play session.

Of course, this isn’t to say that men who fall outside of my preferred age bracket don’t offer the same things. The above is a fairly generalised observation but it’s so far been valid in my experiences with Bulls. Obviously there are other factors that I consider in choosing playfriends. Age can easily be vetoed in favour of a nice looking cock or an intriguing profession. I’m always open to making exceptions but with a fairly large pool of eligible men, it does help to have a determining factor. For some Hotwives, penis size is how they narrow down their choices. Others consider overall physique more important.

I did make an exception earlier this year and invited a nicely hung 22-year-old and another guy in his mid 30s along to a play session. I enjoyed them both at the same time but I couldn’t help but connect with the older man more as the night progressed. The younger guy was sweet and quite mature for his age (he promised he was) but ultimately the ‘click’ wasn’t entirely there. Other than that, it’s also hard to feel dominated by a guy who’s basically half your age. Sexually, I like being taken control of so I need that air of authority an older man has.

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve been attracted to men in their late 40s and 50s but since I’m married to someone of that vintage, I enjoy the delicious novelty of being with younger guys. Having said that, a favourite playfriend turned 40 this year and I think he’d still be my favourite even if he was five or ten years older. In short, if everything else is right, I’d be open to playing with men over 45 who look after themselves. Yes, that’s a veiled way of saying that a lot of older men let themselves go. Since I put a lot of effort into staying fit, I expect the same of my Bulls. #sorrynotsorry

In summary, I agree that age is just a number but in the same way some Hotwives are crazy for BBC, I personally can’t help having a thing for men born in the 1980s. Outside of the bedroom, I won’t enjoy having drinks with someone who wants to talk about how lit the last music festival was, nor someone who wants to reminisce about Woodstock. Ultimately, I want to be on the same wavelength as someone I’m going to get naked with, and I don’t want to feel obviously younger or older than the man I fuck. Reasonable, no?

So the take home lesson for Bulls? You can’t please every Hotwife so play to the strengths associated with your age group. If you’re not in that flexible mid-30s age range, then consider what it is about your age that appeals to women. Young studs keen to please cougars are best to play up to that stereotype. Forget channeling Daddy Dom. It might work on your 19-year-old FWB but a worldly MILF is going to laugh you out of your leather harness. Respect her age and be willing to giver her what she wants.

As for older guys, stay sexy in both mind and body. No one expects you to have a six-pack at age 50 but a keg isn’t going to get a Hotwife wet and willing either. There’s a lot you can do to maximise your sex appeal such as making sure you dress sharp and smell good. Not all Hotwives demand physical perfection but they do want to have their breath taken away in some way. Seduction is a huge part of why a Hotwife enjoys having sex outside of her marriage so work out what your A-Game is and play to win.

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