The Guy Who Broke My Anal Sex Hiatus

If they haven’t already tried it, most straight men have anal sex on their sexual bucket list. For some guys, it will become an obsession and women who are willing to let them visit via the backdoor are their Holy Grail of hookups. Being an open-minded female who enjoys non-vanilla sexual adventures, I am often asked with much anticipation if I’d be up for anal sex. I’m usually not, up until last week.

Anal Sex

I derive a lot of pleasure from anal sex and butt play but after the birth of my second child, things changed… down there. I had developed some painful fissures from pregnancy related constipation which made evacuation a hell-on-earth ordeal, nevermind trying to take something up. By the way, if you found this paragraph horribly unsexy, that’s the flipside of playing with the poop pipe.

For a while I was convinced that I had haemorrhoids and I could never let anyone see my butthole ever again. Finally a doctor assured me that all I had was a tiny bit of loose skin on one side of my anus. I was relieved but still a bit cautious about penetration (especially by 10-inch monsters like MLR’s). Fingers and tongues were very welcome but I drew the line there. My husband wasn’t a big fan of anal so it wasn’t an issue for him.

The other Friday night, my husband and I had hoped to get some playtime happening. We had no less than three guys from The Site who seemed keen but none could (or would) commit to meeting. By 9pm, I was happy to throw in the towel and have a quiet night banging out another ranty post here.

Suddenly at 10:30pm, I received a message from a young guy who had piqued my husband’s interest earlier in the day. He was significantly hung and very experienced with couples and group sex. It appeared we had a mutual friend so my husband contacted him to act as a go-between. Unfortunately, in spite of that, we didn’t hear from him and took that as lack of interest.

As it was, L was simply busy at work. He told me that when he finally had a chance to check his phone for messages, he heard our mutual friend’s voice urging him to call back immediately. He was told that he had to meet us and he could personally vouch for how worthwhile the effort would be. My husband was still keen for a late night play so I told L to come over.

When he arrived at our house, L wasn’t disappointed. He had no idea what I looked like but clearly trusted our mutual friend’s assessment of me. He told me that I was beautiful. After a drink and chat, he wasted no time making his move. He kissed me, rubbing my nipples through my tight-fitting dress. I knew I’d be wet by the time he pulled my dress up to drink in my juices.

We progressed into the bedroom to fuck and I was pleased to find that his cock was true to size. Even though he wasn’t particularly thick, I enjoyed the length. I don’t know where the anal epiphany came from, but I suddenly decided to try anal sex with L. I figured he wasn’t going to stretch me out and he was going to be pretty adept at going through the backdoor with his various gang bang experiences.

L was thrilled at the opportunity to try a different hole. Knowing that it had been a while, he suggested spooning for a more gentle entry. He was right. I took every inch of his long cock up my ass and it felt so good. L was gentle with his thrusting even though I probably would have been OK with more vigorous ass fucking. My husband found my dildo which he eased into my waiting and wanting pussy. L gasped at the sudden tightness.

All I up I lasted a fairly long time with a 9-inch cock up my ass. It started getting a little uncomfortable so we stopped and resumed regular programming.

Overall, I think anal sex will be discussed again here soon 😉


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