Anonymous Encounters

You may be starting to think I’m ill-suited to be a shared wife given my emotional attachment to R. Rest assured, that was a very rare exception rather than the rule. For most part I don’t care if I never see the spare cock ever again. It’s not that I’m an uncaring, cold bitch. I simply don’t connect with the guys we meet beyond liking them enough to fuck.

Anonymous Encounters

I actually wouldn’t mind an ongoing friendship or relationship with a guy we play with but it just hasn’t panned out that way so far. The closest we came to having a regular was a guy we met interstate. We’d hookup with B maybe every few months or so, depending on how frequently we’d visit his city on business.

The sessions with B were hot and left me wanting more each time. Having to wait months for it was delicious. Years on I still think about him a lot, though not in the same way as R. Just purely lust filled ideas of fucking him again one day. Unfortunately he’s married now but I can’t help but think he’s still the man about town, looking for opportunities here and there. B is one man I would reconsider my No Married Men policy for.

Actually, completely anonymous encounters feature very strongly in my fantasies. I love the idea of visiting a new city, finding a cool bar for a nightcap and striking up a conversation with an interesting, intelligent and attractive man. By the way, that is the order in which I would select a man for an anonymous encounter. I’d have to be intrigued by a man first before considering going with him.

That man would effortlessly engage in conversation with me and if he’s a master of seduction then he’ll say and do all the right things. He’d use his eyes to tell me what he’s thinking. Even though he’d dare not suggest it with words yet, I’d be left wondering which each gaze. Does he want me?

Suddenly a hand brushes casually against my upper arm as he tells me how attractive he finds me. Before I can answer, he changes the topic and leaves me wanting. This cycle of slow seduction keeps going for another two drinks until suddenly it’s me wanting to know what his plans are for the night. And I can’t help but ask.

I love being seduced. Often the premeditated nature of lining up hookups online takes away seduction. Nothing is sexier than being made to want to fuck a guy, especially when you weren’t considering it. Unlike when you turn up to meet a potential play friend, there’s no agenda on the table. It’s not deciding yes or no at the end of the night. Seduction is that long, hot, slow game to get you to say yes.


Anonymous encounters aren’t something I’m likely to enjoy since it’s largely not what my husband and I do. I may find myself with a hall pass one day but until then, I’ll share some of my favourite scenarios here.

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