Being a Shared Wife

What do I mean by being a shared wife?

You may wonder why I’ve chosen to refer to myself as a shared wife instead of the more popular term hotwife. I touch on some definitions in this post about hotwifing but put simply, I define hotwives as women who aren’t necessarily swingers. Their husbands may only be interested in watching them get nailed by other men. If a husband isn’t interested in meeting couples or having sex with other women, then he is into hotwifing and is married to a hotwife.

Being a Shared Wife

In my case, my husband and I are very much swingers. We may not be as active as we’d like in meeting couples these days but we still enjoy the swinging scene. If we go to a swingers party, we happily socialise and meet other couples. If the stars align properly then we may even end up playing with a couple. We simply have some hotwifing fun on the side when there are times meeting couples is too arduous a task

Hence I am a shared wife. I am shared by my husband with other men of our choosing. Radical feminists will undoubtedly disapprove of my preference for the passive form. Being shared may perhaps imply that I have no say in the matter. Am I a possession that is lent out as my husband sees fit? Does being shared mean that I’m objectified or even commodified?

Maybe the more accurate and palatable word is shareable. The potential to be shared if I want to be shared? If we’re going to delve into semantics though, I prefer shared. Shared is the past tense. I have been shared. Men have already had the pleasure of my tight wet pussy. Many times, over and over. Shareable just seems like an option. You can have me, if you want me.

Besides, being a shared wife sounds dirty. Absolutely fucking dirty. As far as I’m concerned my sex life should be about what turns me on and I love the idea of being shared. I love that another man can do whatever he wants to my body but he can’t possess me. I belong to someone else. He’s only there for my pleasure and no other reason.

Now if that isn’t empowerment then I don’t know what it.


  1. On [female] empowerment, couldn’t agree more! I saw a meme : “When you love him enough to be faithful, but he loves you enough to want something else”

    From a male perspective..I love my wife (mostly) – watching her go from “my wife” to “shared & semi-public service” is hot. So dirty, slutty & whoreish. More so because I love it, more again that I love to arrange it 🙂

    Seeing (and being one of) the men groping, ramming & grunting, working hard to “own that slut”, all the while serving our desires. 3rd party contractors, I suppose: on the project, doing the work, but never to be stakeholders and retained only to deliver a pat of the ouctcome within the greater scope.

    Very empowering!

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