Bull Drought of 2021

What? Already? We’re not even a quarter of the way into 2021 and I’ve declared a Bull Drought? I could well be hasty in suggesting so, but from where I’m sitting it sure feels that way! The end of 2020 held much promise for the New Year with a glorious 2-Bull session, but alas… This Hotwife is approaching April 2021 with a degree of pessimism.

My two regulars have been fairly busy in the New Year so I’ve barely been able to arrange anything with them. This wouldn’t normally bother me given the ocean is brim full of fish but at the moment, I feel like I’m fishing in the Dead Sea. Where the fuck have all the decent single men gone? Did the pandemic cause a bunch of them to decide that life’s too short to not be coupled up?

Of course, my Only Fans followers would argue that I appeared to have had a very good time last month with a back-to-back session involving two new Bulls. I’m not gonna lie. I had fun but neither of those Bulls are guys we’re likely to invite back for more fun. There was nothing wrong with them (or we wouldn’t have played), but there wasn’t enough right with them either.

Guy 1 seemed promising online and since we had had a share of catfish this year on The Site, we were impressed with his can-do approach to meeting a couple. He replied back to messages in a timely manner and wasn’t wishy-washy about committing to a date. We booked a room and met Guy 1 at the hotel bar. He was a nice guy but within the first thirty minutes, I concluded that he wasn’t ‘sparkly’. If not for my husband’s company, I would have fallen asleep.

Fortunately, Guy 1 was a better fuck than he was a conversationalist so I got down to enjoying what we ultimately were all there for. It was a pretty standard play session: oral, pussy fucking, oral, anal fucking, ejaculation. Guy 1 recovered and promptly got himself dressed before leaving our room with gratitude. My husband swiftly got on the The Site’s App to see if a 19-year old we’d been chatting to was available. Guy 1 hardly had me fully satiated so I wasn’t complaining.

Guy 2 arrived around 20 minutes later and without much small talk, got onto the business of getting into me. He didn’t rush the penetration and seemed apologetic for not being given the time to engage in foreplay (our choice, not his). He didn’t have any problem getting hard though (at 19, you’d hope not) and soon filled me with a decent sized cock. He was more adventurous than Guy 1, so between the two guys and hubby, I was content and ready to call it a night. Guy 2 came almost on command and left a load over my tits.

As fun as the back-to-back session was, my husband and I decided that it wasn’t a great night: not terribly sexy or fulfilling in terms of having a good night out. We decided to try a different guy that I had been eyeing off for some time on The Site. He promised to deliver a huge package and based on some testimonials, he seemed to be a good fit overall. We chatted over a few hours before agreeing to meet for drinks later that night. Play was desired if all agreed.

Everything was looking good until later in the afternoon when the guy messaged and asked how ‘firm’ we were on our stance regarding party drugs. My husband and I do not in any way, shape or form, take drugs and prefer men who feel the same way. We made it very clear on our dating profile. As much as some may think MDMA etc. are ‘enhancers’, in our experience, they’ve only ever been crutches for people who can’t otherwise be uninhibited sexually. Just not our scene.

We explained to the guy that while we didn’t care what he did with others, if he was going to hang out with us, we preferred him sober. He seemingly accepted that until it eventually became clear that he couldn’t play AT ALL without some MDMA. He insisted that he was a better performer while high, especially with a new couple. Once he got the message that we weren’t interested, he ghosted us. Fortunately we got our hotel room cancelled without losing money. We also didn’t really mind not going out but we were certainly a little lost for words. What the actual fuck??

Unfortunately, we’ve lost some momentum in having fun now. The lack of sparkly, fun, experienced single guys who aren’t drug-fucked is mostly the problem. It’s not bothering me too much as I’m keen to just wait until the right guy comes along, or when some of our regular play friends become available again. So far though, 2021 hasn’t been terribly sextastic! Let’s hope I’ve got some fun adventures to share soon enough!

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