Why Can’t Single Men Stay Single?

C’mon. Do you really need a girlfriend?

Hotwives around the world will know what I mean. You invest a considerable amount of time finding the right single guy. It then takes a couple of sessions to get into a hot rhythm with him. Finally, he becomes the reliable spare cock you can count on every fortnight or so. Then one day, he doesn’t respond to your booty call text. You actually have to send a follow up text. Still no response. Short of being run over by a car, you just know this means one thing.

Does she know what a hot, dirty fuck you are?

If he’s a decent guy, he’ll come straight out and tell you that he’s seeing someone. It’s getting serious and he doesn’t feel right about doing ‘that’. It’s apparently a part of his past, which is code for “Please, please, please don’t ever tell anyone I had my cock in you at the same time as your husband’s”. Meh.

Then there are the guys who seemingly fall off the face of this earth. They’re the ones who met someone special a month ago but continue to fuck you until,

  1. the guilt overcomes him, or
  2. the girlfriend demands an STI test before letting him bareback, or
  3. both.

I can’t blame a guy for wanting a girlfriend. Who doesn’t want the yummy, comforting, beautiful goodness of a relationship? It only annoys me somewhat when I specifically choose guys who write in their dating profile that they’re not after anything serious. Just out of a long term relationship so strictly after casual fun. Apparently.

Sometimes it’s just plain bad timing. I got to know a nice guy a few months ago who was decidedly single for the last two years after an arduous divorce. One sensational fuck and a couple of failed hookups later, he was off the market. Damned shame as he was fully dirty, a cop, loved threesomes and could go hard and long with latex.

Back to the drawing board.


  1. Lots of men stray, whether by cheating or their women know but are okay / made their peace with it. Check Ashley Madison to tap in that market.

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