Car Park Action

Some of the best sexual moments happen in a car park. Am I right?

After my drinks date with J, he offered to walk me back to my car. I had parked my SUV (yes, I drive a mum’s car…) in a largely empty car park under some bright lights for safety. Since J said he was getting over the flu, I didn’t consider the need for a more discreet parking spot, not that I am that forward thinking anyway. At any rate, car park action is never planned. It just happens which makes it very hot.

Car Park Action

Although J and I flirted a little and talked a lot about sex, I wasn’t quite picturing us in the throes of sexual ecstasy. J was certainly attractive but I just wasn’t getting that vibe. The sexual chemistry wasn’t instant but I was prepared to wait and see. We tentatively planned another catch up, with my husband involved next time. Still, J lamented that he was feeling significantly better after a few glasses of wine and would have enjoyed playing that night.

As I approached the driver side, I turned to J with some prepared pleasantries. He smiled and asked if he could kiss me. I was very obliging since we know that a kiss is still the best gauge of how everything else will play out. I was pleased to discover that J was a great kisser. Pressing his well-built body against me, I mentally pictured the sexual chemistry dial turned to maximum. Sometimes, all it takes is a kiss.

“I want to fuck you.”

And that. Exactly what a Hotwife wants to hear.

As we kissed, J pulled my right hand to his crotch. He was indeed feeling better. He groaned as I rubbed him over his chinos. He had his hands around my waist but took no time bringing them up to my breasts. As he squeezed them, I told him he was allowed to have a look. J pulled my top down to reveal hard nipples poking out at him. He eagerly took one into his mouth and sucked. I inadvertently moaned at the warmth and pressure, mindful that we were out in the cold open air for passing traffic to observe.

Sensing that, J moved me towards the rear door closest to us and opened it. He swiftly pushed me inside and lay me on the backseat. He climbed into the car after me and closed the door. J unbuttoned my tight pants and pulled them down as much as he could. Before I could warn J that I hadn’t exactly been maintaining the garden lately, I felt his tongue slide in. The pleasure was immediate and I lay back to enjoy the attention my pussy had been craving for so long.

Unfortunately my pants weren’t allowing for optimal access and I wasn’t willing to get entirely naked. I did promise my husband that this was only a social date after all. J was relentless however, telling me that he had wanted to fuck me for so long. To show me how badly he wanted to be inside me, he unleashed his hard cock. J had one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen, even rivaling the huge cock of TMG. It wasn’t much over 7-inches but perfectly thick and curved upwards. I couldn’t help but want to suck it. J moaned as I took as much as I could into my mouth given the awkward backseat position I was in.

Before I allowed myself and J to enjoy the cock-sucking, I decided it was best to stop. I had to get back home and I didn’t want J to think there was a chance I might let him fuck me there and then. J tried his best to convince me to go back to his car which was in a more private car park and equipped with condoms. He even offered to follow me home for a threesome. Sadly, I knew my husband was probably trying to get some sleep by now. Being a gentleman and experienced single guy, he crammed his hard-on back into his pants and bid me a good night.

I returned home to a very excited husband. He knows me too well and he was surprised by the restraint I showed. He took advantage of my well-aroused, wet pussy and fucked me the way I wanted J to. J also let me know the next day that he made himself cum hard. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to getting his perfect cock inside me.



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