Discovering Chaturbate

Up until this year I didn’t think anyone had sex on webcam anymore. As I mentioned previously, I got heavily into webcamming in the early 2000s when Yahoo Groups was rife with horny people. Moving images in real time? I had to get me some of that. So a webcam was swiftly purchased and many nights were spent broadcasting my nether region to strangers. Yeah, I was an early adopter of tech sex.


Anyway, as life went on and I discovered the joy of having real, deviant, dirty sex with lots of other people, the poor Logitech got shoved further and further towards the back of my tech shelf. Then the era of the smartphone arrived and the desktop got shelved. However, as with many things, even tech comes full circle and getting on cam (hello Snapchat…) is all the rage again.

I dabbled with some cam sex with my hot young potential play friend a few months ago and I have to admit that it is a lot of fun. OK. I will admit that it gets me very wet. It did the first time I ever performed on cam and to this day, I become highly aroused knowing a lot of people are watching me.

I was well aware of various webcam sites such as MyFreeCam and Chaturbate but I never really explored them to any degree. My initial understanding of such sites is that it’s full of people who perform for money, not so much for pleasure. I’m an open-minded person however so I spent an evening checking Chaturbate out. It was certainly an eye-opener!

Firstly, I was a little sceptical of how many of the webcam rooms were genuine broadcasts. I was under the impression that some providers just looped videos and used bots to interact with punters. I’m sure that’s the case but for all the rooms I clicked on at Chaturbate, there appeared to be real performers showing off real genitalia with real sex toys applied to them. Mmmm….

Secondly, I wasn’t sure what to think of the pay-to-perform business model of these websites but for most part, the money is really in the form of tips and no one is really getting paid a set sum of money to do specific things. It wasn’t nearly as depressing or degrading as I thought. Reassured, I signed myself up and created a room.

I don’t know if it was ‘new girl’s luck’, but I got quite a few viewers the first time I appeared and it was so much fun. I wasn’t accepting tips at that stage so I was most definitely there to be an exhibitionist. I’ve since worked out how to accept tips so we’ll see how that goes. I won’t lie. It’s very exciting getting tips, not so much from a ka-ching point of view, but that people want to see more of me.

I don’t necessarily see myself becoming a full time cam girl but it’s certainly another aspect of sexual fun that I’m happy to engage in from time to time. If it earns me some money to buy new lingerie and toys then I won’t complain either!


  1. I love your open, adventurous and technical exploration of all things sensual and erotic.

    Have you revisited Chaterbate or other video sharing options in the 2yrs since writing this article? I gather your current IRL meets are more fun, than erotic flights of voyerism?

    Thank, Alex.

    • Hi there. No, I haven’t been on Chaturbate for a long time as I don’t really have the spare time and in terms of earning potential (if that mattered), there are better ways to earn coins. And yes, if I wanted to play on cam, I would do it with a playfriend 😀

    • Hey there. Only Fans has been a better platform for me as I don’t have to be online all the time. I loooove playing on webcam but I rarely have the time to be online and they changed their streaming method which was hard for my head to get around at the time. I’ll get back on there one day. Thanks!

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