Consensual Cheating?

There’s a curious thing I’ve picked up on recently from chatting to a few prospective playmates. Now, it’s not unusual to find men who are specifically turned on by having sex with another man’s wife; nor men who find it additionally arousing to have the husband watch. What some guys seem to get their rocks off on is a cheating wife, even if she’s not really cheating. So in other words, even if a Hotwife has permission to play, they think it’s sexier to pretend she doesn’t. I’ll call it consensual cheating since the husband consents to his Hotwife having sex (sorta) behind his back.

Consensual Cheating
Honey, just pretend you don’t know what’s going on OK?

My hot webcam play friend E is case in point. He is aware of my lifestyle as a shared wife and that for most part, I can have sexual relations with other men without wearing a red letter ‘A’. Nonetheless, when E visits town later this year, he told me I have to sneak around to see him. He loves the idea of me doing something I’m not supposed to do, and perhaps more so because I do have specific rules related to how I have sex with other men. Even keeping our webcam sessions a secret turns him on.

When I told E about my plan to invite T the Married Guy over for a late night session, he insisted on having webcam sex with me right after he left. Seeing my pussy gaping after a hard fuck with TMG had him cumming within minutes. What tipped E over the edge was knowing that I fucked him without telling my husband first. In his words, he loved that I was a naughty cheating wife who couldn’t help herself.

Now I won’t lie and say that I don’t understand since I’m guilty of cheating and surrendering to my carnal urges. There is something still very taboo about extra-marital sex, and even more so perhaps when you cheat even when you don’t have to. I guess we’re driven by the thrill of not having permission. What men seem to love is knowing that a woman gets that horny she becomes a slave to her need for cock. What E loved most was that I acted on my desires ahead of any rational thinking (ie – getting permission from my husband to fuck).

E certainly isn’t the only man who wants me to ‘cheat’. Another webcam play friend has a wife with whom he swings and can get a hall pass from, but in spite of that, he wants to have a hot secret session with me. Just him and I going at it and telling no one afterwards. Again, it’s the high of doing something forbidden. As long as I am perceived to be doing the wrong thing by my marriage, the sex is hot.

I’m tempted to set up a play date the next time I meet a guy who wants a cheater (consensual or otherwise) and tell my husband to crash the party. Curious how long the erection stays 😉

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