Cum On Me

Cum on me…

You must be wondering if that’s an invitation, or some warped status update.

“Oh, there’s cum on me… How did that happen?”

I’m afraid that on this lazy Wednesday night, neither is the case sorry!

Cum on Me

This is a far cry from last month when there was prolific semen casting, with my breasts, stomach, back and face on the receiving end. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much cum projected at me up until this year. Now every second encounter involves a guy enthusiastically jerking his dick as I coyly gaze up at him, ready for anything from a light spray to a major downpour. Hand me an umbrella!

It’s not that I don’t enjoy cum. Far from it. Up until recently though, it had generally ended up where it was supposed to go according to the Holy Bible (some shit about not spilling seed?). My husband tends to like to finish inside me and unless I suggest otherwise, the polite thing for other guys to do is to cum into a condom and save me the trouble of rummaging around for tissues later on. Cum should be heard, not seen. So I thought.

Rightly or wrongly, I often point the finger at porn for shaping modern male sexual behaviour. Just like anal sex, I can’t help but think on-screen cum shots are indeed encouraging guys to use their dicks like fire hoses more than they used to. Of course, I can appreciate the satisfaction of having a tremendous orgasm and simultaneously seeing the visual evidence of that moment. While the ‘money shot‘ is done for different reasons in porn, for the average guy, seeing his seed land on a pretty face or bountiful boobs no doubt doubles the pleasure.

Personally, I rather enjoy being given a nice pearl necklace so long as I know it’s on the cards. Fortunately I’ve only had positive experiences with guys cumming on me (aside from one unfortunately aimed shot in my eyes…) which I credit to choosing men who are decent human beings. They’ve all either asked to cum on me, or I’ve invited them to do so. Even if you’ve engaged in other kinkier sex acts prior, I think permission is still important since you can’t assume all women enjoy a cum shower!

I should add that although I find the hot, creamy splash of cum on my skin a huge turn on, I’ve come to reserve my face for occasions when I’ve really connected with a guy sexually. I’m not being precious. I don’t think any sex act is degrading as long as it’s consensual, but only the most deserving man can give me a cum facial. If he’s blown my mind in bed then there’s nothing sexier than looking into his eyes, and watching him look back into yours, as he orgasm.

I wonder if there’s a chance of rain this weekend? 😉


  1. I agree, with more and more access to porn and with the ‘money shot’ now being the absolute epitome of a man’s virility, it’s going to be hard to find a guy who won’t want to do it on you. I also agree that a showerful of unsolicited or unwanted cum might not be the ideal for you, nor for any woman, but in the throes of it any guy could easily confuse a hot sexual encounter with a green light to finish off on you. Asking should be default, but just when a man or woman is about to orgasm, I don’t think there is much room to think let alone register what would be or not acceptable in this case… I have been in the situation and I find it easier to bring things like these up casually before anything happens… that way I know very well whether my partner wants me to cum on her or not… asking is the polite thing to do, but not in the middle of some orgasmic frenzy. 🙂

    • Fortunately I enjoy both. It’s sexy when a guy is so into the rhythm of sex that he wants to finish inside, but there’s that extra ‘dirty’ factor of a deliberate finale 😀 Oh, I fully appreciate that accidents do happen and that most men wouldn’t deliberately finish on a woman without asking. In fact, most ask if it’s OK to cum at all!

  2. I love the got to earn it part… it feels great for us men too I think earning the right to cum on a woman or better, being asked to… I love to know I’ve done a good job… 😁

    • Oh yes 🙂 I would think for guys it’s like earning a ‘gold star’ if a woman has enjoyed herself so much that she wants the grand finale to be what I’m sure most people consider the ultimate happy ending.

  3. I could be turned on by a woman who asked me to cum on her, but I’ve never really wanted to do so. It does seem that it is usually a dominance thing which I don’t crave. I’d much rather have a mutual experience with an equal.

    • I think it definitely is a personal choice. I don’t know too many guys who absolutely ‘have’ to cum on a woman but if I offer, most are excited to do it. Again, it would be because a woman clearly wants it rather than vice versa. I think cum play is more a mutual experience but a whole other genre.

  4. Unless my wife and I are masturbating together, I never use my hand to finish myself off. I leave that to her. I have never understood why in porn guys want to finish themselves off. If you are with a woman who understands you and your sexual desires (meaning you have shared yourself with her), she’ll make your ejaculation worthwhile. If I want to cum all over my wife’s face, I just tell her that and she makes it happen. If I want her to swallow, ditto. But I let her do it.

    • I think some women are offended when guys take matters into their own hands but I love it. I know some guys get caught up in the hot, porn atmosphere and want to pull off to their own private show. With a new partner in particular, I will sometimes let him take over as I don’t know his quirks and habits lol Once I am familiar with what works for a guy then I’m happy to step in and make it happen.

  5. By the way, my wife and I do occasionally give each other some sexual freedom and I wish I had someone like you who I could call.

    • I think it’s great that you have the openness to give each other opportunities to play. I’m sure you have lots of lovely local ladies!

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