Cut or Uncut?

It was the second time I had sex with a playfriend that I noticed that he was uncut. It didn’t faze me given a lot of younger Australian men are uncircumcised, and even my own husband isn’t cut. Given how fewer male babies are getting circumcised these days, I predict that in another twenty years, women won’t even be debating the merit of cut or uncut.

Cut or Uncut

I’m going to tread lightly with this topic as I have never, ever (ever), experienced a debate about circumcision that didn’t degenerate into a heated exchange of very nasty words. This is both in sex related forums AND mummy forums. If anything, the nastiest flame wars occurred in the latter!

Circumcision is an emotive topic and just about everyone has a definite opinion about it. Most women seem to have a firm preference for one over the other, though I suspect those who favoured cut guys in this article hailed from the US where circumcision is still the norm. Circumcision appears to be rare elsewhere in the world that doesn’t have religious tradition calling for its practice.

For the record, I don’t have a sexual preference for one or the other, but I do feel it’s up to each adult male to decide if they want a foreskin or not. After all, once it’s gone, it’s well and truly gone.

Anyway, here are a few personal observations and opinions on some commonly discussed points about cut or uncut penises:

Circumcised penises are cleaner and don’t stink

This nugget gets me pretty riled up. Unwashed penises stink. Period. Being cut does not magically make a penis clean or smell good. Yes, a cut penis gets fully exposed to water by default in the shower but who the hell just wets their body and expects it to be fully clean? Foreskin or not, you need to tend to the goods properly; that includes the balls and butthole as far as I’m concerned. As long as a man understands the basics of good hygiene, he can enter my bedroom, cut or uncut.

Cut guys last longer in the sack

Perhaps so. Having said that, I remember one circumcised lover who was lucky to last a minute at times so it’s not a given. I do however subscribe to the theory that the head of a cut penis is desensitised to touch so its master may take longer to orgasm. Some women mentioned that cut guys tend to fuck harder to get better sensation but since I use condoms with other men, it’s a moot point for me. And I like being fucked hard anyway.

Uncut penises are more fun to play with

I think all penises are fun to play with. To an extent, it’s easier to give a handjob to an uncircumcised guy and sucking a smooth glans is a pleasure in itself. I don’t believe an uncut guy enjoys receiving head more than a cut guy though. I mean, how on earth would a guy know if oral sex could feel more or less amazing? It just plain feels amazing. I’m also not sure if an uncircumcised penis feels better during intercourse, given my lack of experience in barebacking uncut cocks. I’m curious if a condom feels better for one or the other.

So to sum things up. I like clean penises. And fucking hard.

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