Being Desired

If you ask me what the best thing is about being a shared wife, then I’m not going to lie. Having permission to fuck other men but all the while enjoying a loving, otherwise monogamous relationship is the bomb. I have a satisfying sex life with my husband but being able to sample different types of bodies, cocks and personalities just enhances the wonderful experience that is our marriage.

Being Desired

It’s natural to assume that Hotwives can’t get enough sex and need other men to share the workload but that’s not always the case. I’m insatiable, but not in the sense that I need sex every single day. It’s the variety and quality that I can’t get enough of. I also enjoy the process of meeting new guys, and setting up the first hot date, which usually leads to very hot sex.

Having said that, a guy can’t just arrive and indicate his willingness to have sex. I know some Hotwives literally just need an erection turn up at the door and start fucking them, but that’s not for me. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t need to be wined and dined and told I’m beautiful all night either. What I do want is to feel that I am going to be had. Whether it’s through a strong, knowing gaze, or a purposeful touch on my knee, I like a man to put his intentions across: his willingness to have sex with me.

Being desired is a large component of why I’m a Hotwife. A man expressing his will to do what he wants with me is tremendously hot. The more driven by lust he is to get me into bed, the more likely I’ll let him. Nothing turns me off faster than men who can’t or won’t engage with me. I appreciate that some men aren’t socially confident and need time to warm up but where this Hotwife is concerned, shy men need not apply.

In my last post I mentioned a guy (the Cheating Melbourne Guy) who wasn’t backwards about coming forwards. I wasn’t particularly attracted to him physically but I became aroused by his almost predatory approach to me. He knew exactly how to touch me and when. I was literally overcome by his desire to fuck me. The feeling of being desired is an aphrodisiac in itself. Some women may be repelled by a man coming on strong but if done right, I personally love it.

Unfortunately, where sex simply satisfies a physical need, my need to be desired is quite possibly an emotional one. Wanting to be seduced rather than merely aroused does leave me open to getting head-fucked sometimes. Despite setting boundaries, I can develop an emotional attachment to the men who somehow get inside my brain. My experience with R is case in point. He pursued me over ten years and made me feel like the only woman he wanted. When his body rejected me, it hit me hard.

Sometimes I wish I could be like the clever Hotwives who just want cock on demand. Sadly my ego just can’t get into men who could just as easily end up at our neighbour’s by mistake and fuck the wrong woman. For most part, I get the balance right and the good times definitely are worth riding out the occasional mistakes.


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