Does Size Matter?

Ahhh… The question that gets posed in every other issue of Cosmo: “Does size matter?”

Of course we already know the default answer to this, ever so diplomatically put so as to minimise offense and distress to men with smaller appendages and their partners.

“No, size does not matter to most women.”

I have no need to be diplomatic in my own blog but I will concur on this occasion. However, I’ll extrapolate this answer:

“No, size does not matter to most women looking for a life partner. Size often does matter to just about all women seeking purely sexual gratification from a man.”

Does Size Matter

There you have it. If you tick all the typical boxes for a woman seeking Mr Right then your five inch penis won’t necessarily be a deal breaker. Even sexually, not every woman wants a 10-inch cock though I suspect a lot of women will also be disappointed with a short and thin penis. I say short and thin since some women hanker for girth and don’t care how many inches are on offer.

I kinda belong in that category of women. There is no point in presenting me with an 8 or 9 inch cock if it isn’t equally generously proportioned in width. Average width is fine but a skinny penis is never a pleasant discovery. Thankfully online dating helps greatly in the screening process and don’t the guys just love showing off their wares on The Site! By the way, if you like showing off your cock and want to get it rate, check out Ladies Rate The Cock.

I should mention that I haven’t outright rejected a guy for having a lean peen. My vagina certainly isn’t loose (apparently quite the opposite) but I do love feeling completely filled. There’s something deliciously perverse about taking a cock that’s too big. It’s a very naughty sensation to feel my pussy being stretched beyond what it’s used to, and yes, there’s that Bull thing too. It’s hot having an amply equipped man specifically brought in to ‘service’ me.

Curiously, size does definitely matter to my husband insofar as the men we invite to join us for fun are concerned. I’ve noticed that if I mention any guy from The Site that I’m interested in meeting, he will ask to see his dick pic (and you know there is always a dick pic). Cock size is never the first thing I notice about a guy but it’s an important criterion for my husband. He almost seems disappointed if a guy is average sized. My husband is completely straight (really) but as per what you see in straight porn these days, it’s visually stimulating to seeing a huge cock get thrust into a tight pussy. I can’t say I blame him.

Anyway, there you have it. Size does matter for mind-blowing, naughty sex for some women inclined that way. For women who get off on oral sex and foreplay more than penetration then I would suggest the opposite it true. My advice is to make sure you get your tongue game up to scratch just in case 😉


  1. I am like you….girth is what I crave….in fact I prefer a guy who can fully penetrate me, balls deep, so his balls slap against my clit when he is taking me doggy style….

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