Dry July (Hotwife Edition)

Winter isn’t a particularly sexy time of the year, unless you have a sauna and an attentive Swedish masseur at your beck and call (I don’t BTW). Playtime has definitely slowed down compared to the first half of the year, and I don’t see much improvement for another month or so. Whoa. I’ve read economic forecasts with more promise! Sad face.

If only these were playfriends wanting a call back…

Other than the less-than-sensual weather in Sydney at the moment, I’ve landed on a fairly busy patch with work and family which has kept me in All Work, No Play mode. I may be a Hotwife, but occasionally the ‘wife’ part has to unhinge itself from the ‘hot’, and non-naughty responsibilities take priority over my getting laid. Luckily, being a wife does mean having a husband who can tend to my needs.

To be honest, being busy and cold wouldn’t entirely stop me from getting my share of Vitamin D, but a few other issues have made this a Dry July. Two regular playfriends are no longer around to hit up which, while sad, is part and parcel of Hotwifing. I had a great time with J but he’s currently having personal issues which sadly hamper a Bull’s ability to service. I think he needs to find ‘The One’. I hope he’s doing OK and finds happiness.

I had also really enjoyed my sessions with SM but something wasn’t quite right since our last playtime. We had fun but he lost his erection before being able to cum and I know he wasn’t happy with himself about that. I assured him that I still enjoyed it but you just know when something’s amiss. He’s subtly avoided organising to see me again and I’m too experienced a Hotwife to keep flogging a dead horse or deflated penis. We’ll see what happens but I am not holding my breath.

So I’m now finding myself back on the hunt as I’d like to make sure there’s someone sexy to meet once the weather improves and there’s more time to play. I’m actually a little excited to have ‘fresh cock’ as my husband puts it. He likes the idea of my finding a new guy every week and regaining my status as slut wife. If I think back to last October when I binged on cock, I do feel like I’m missing out at the moment!

Still, there’s nothing wrong with focussing on other aspects of life from time to time. There’s more than enough warm weather ahead to make up for Dry July and once I start…


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