(Lifestyle) Erectile Dysfunction

Given the massive influx of erectile dysfunction spam I get every day, I should be an expert on the topic! Naturally, I junk the lot since a) it’s spam, and b) it’s thankfully not a huge issue in my relationship. I do appreciate that erectile dysfunction (or ED) is a crippling problem for many men so if anyone is suffering from long term ED, please do see a doctor. Nothing to be embarrassed about at all.

Erectile Dysfunction
Just another round and we’ll be ready for this gang bang! Not…

The ED I am going to write about is occasional ED, or as I would term in relation to my Hotwifing lifestyle: I-Want-To-Bone-This-Woman-But-Her-Husband-Is-Watching ED. It’s when that hot new playfriend boldly tells me that he wants to fuck me, but when I reach down to get some corroborating evidence to support his statement, nada. It’s squishy and sweet, but it is not going to fuck me.

Having come from a swinging background, I’ve dealt with Lifestyle-based erectile dysfunction on various levels. I have encountered penises that haven’t been near another woman in over ten years and got very confused. There have been penises whose owners have knocked back one too many beers to shore up courage, and of course I’ve lost count of penises that can’t cope with condoms.

Because of these earlier Lifestyle ED experiences, when it came time to play with single guys, it made perfect sense to target guys who were comfortable with group sex situations, didn’t drink excessively or take drugs, and (most importantly) had no issues getting hard and staying hard with a condom on. This is the triple threat of recreational sex as far as I’m concerned.

Sadly, I do drop the ball occasionally and find myself futilely fellating a flaccid cock. There’s no point putting a guy under further pressure so I’ll usually stop after a while and let him eat me instead. My husband on the other hand is less patient and does get annoyed. His immediate solution is of a pharmaceutical nature which horrifies most guys who don’t feel it’s warranted at their relative young age (and for these reasons, should be avoided).

There’s not much you can do about Lifestyle ED other than hope that with some patience, an erection eventually makes an appearance. Unfortunately, unlike being at a swingers club or party, you don’t have the immediate option of finding a more cooperative cock. Often, that much anticipated MFM threesome ends up being a night of fucking your own husband while the Wannabe Bull sheepishly watches. Still fun of course, but it defeats the point of Hotwifing!

Need some Lifestyle Erectile Dysfunction advice?

Honesty is the best policy – If you’ve never had so much as a Peeping Tom neighbour watch you having sex then be honest about your lack of experience. An established Hotwifing couple knows what they want and an uncooperative cock is not one of them. Nice couples will tell you not to worry about it. Less understanding couples may make you feel like a sexual failure. Not a good outcome for anyone!

Ignore the problem – If stage fright strikes, then taking the focus off your playfriend’s recalcitrant member is key. Without mentioning the problem, just encourage him to start pleasuring you instead, or play with your Stag if present and let him watch. Use eye contact to show him you still want to fuck him but he’ll need to be the one that steps up to the plate again. If alcohol, drugs or condom-phobia is the issue, you can just about write the night off. Sorry.

Consider having a Plan B – Writing the night off entirely isn’t necessary if you have a Plan B. I have on many occasions lined up more than one guy for a play date. If Plan A works out, I make my apologies to Plan B and promise to make him Plan A next time (not that he knows he’s Plan B…). If Plan A goes awry, then I try and get Plan B into play. By all means have a Plan C and D prepared too. Confused?

Last Resort – If you are absolutely besotted by a playfriend with Lifestyle ED and desperately want his (hard) cock inside you, then you could suggest that he sees a doctor for a prescription. A doctor can assess whether he should use Viagra or Cialis for recreational/occasional use. With any luck, after a few successful assisted attempts, he might be able to sustain an erection without the blue pill.


  1. Very interesting and i can understand your frustration with a limp dick so you can emagin how he would feel thinking that he wàs going to have the time OF his life banging another man’s wife and hopefully doing what he possibly can’t get else were.

    • Oh for sure! Which is why I can never be mean about a guy who can’t get it up. It would be very detrimental to the guy so I do downplay the issue during play. It’s just therefore now important to us to find guys who can definitely perform with couples.

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