A Frustrated Wife

Over the last few months I’ve been training hard in my chosen sport. I’ve always been fitness conscious but I chose this year to increase muscle building exercises as well as cardio. My goal was to see if more exercise could still have a positive, body-changing (yes, that transformation nonsense) effect on my not-so-young body. So far, so good, but more interestingly, the increased exercise load has sent my sex drive north.

Frustrated Wife

It’s well documented that exercising will make you feel good but I can’t help but think the extra weightlifting and resistance training caused a spike in my testosterone level. It’s one thing to feeling moderately aroused and wanting some nookie later in the week, but it’s another thing entirely to feel so unbearably horny 24/7 and trawling for guys online to fuck ASAP. I was stuck in the latter mode for the last few months. Even my husband didn’t need to ask twice for a daily dose of sex.

I had a few free nights to play during this highly sexed period but as per Murphy’s Law, there just weren’t any appropriate men in the right place and right time for me. It was almost ridiculous how hard it was to get laid. This shared wife was turning into a highly frustrated wife. You’d think that in a major capital city single men would be on tap but when push comes to shove, I’m really left with a small pool of guys to choose from. I take some of the blame for this since I’m a very picky bitch with an equally picky husband, but I’ve identified some other obstacles that prevent me from being the best Hotwife I could be.

Shift and FIFO (Fly in, fly out) workers

Not too surprisingly, Internet dating websites are full of men who can’t find sex conventionally for whatever reason. A good percentage of these men are those who work unsociable hours or spend anywhere from one to four weeks working away from home. Needless to say, given I have my own time constraints, the likelihood of hooking up with a shift or FIFO worker is quite low. A very cute young chef wanted to meet me but realistically he only had the occasional Sunday nights free, and I don’t meet guys during the day. Same deal with a well hung paramedic who worked a lot of evenings. FIFO workers aren’t as bad with some forward planning but even then, I think there’s a better chance of winning Powerball, as my diagram demonstrates.

Single Dads want sex too

It’s definitely the era of Modern Families. I’ve noticed more and more single guys (and girls) online who have children from a previous relationship. So much so that I expect CFPR to become a proper acronym in the online dating scene one day. I have no issue with guys who have kids but as you’d imagine, most are involved in the standard 50/50 arrangement which means they are only free every second weekend. Again, with some forward planning, I could have some DILF action but as per the diagram above, the odds are not particularly favourable if I’m having a busy month and weeknights aren’t an option. Single dads are also not keen on babysitters so I’ve learnt to assume that weekends with their kids are a sexual dead zone.

Gang Bangs are OK but joining a couple would be weird?

Clearly I would be getting more sex if I was after one-on-one sessions but since I’m not, my potential playmates need to understand that they are an add-on. Most guys on The Site who I hit up for some Hotwifing action are initially keen on doing unspeakably dirty things to me in the presence of another man. However, once I mention that the other man is my partner, the enthusiasm deflates (along with his hard on, no doubt). One guy said that while he had been to swingers clubs and fucked women with other people watching and present, he wouldn’t feel comfortable playing with a couple. Another guy said he loved MFM threesomes but as he’d only done it with mates, he wasn’t sure how he’d feel with the other guy being my husband. What the actual fuck?? Do they need a sense of equal ownership over the woman being spit-roasted? I can understand if it’s an issue of trust but otherwise that’s just fucked up.

So if I consciously avoid men who present the above obstacles to having fun, I don’t actually have a lot of material to work with! It’s just as well my work takes me to other cities so I can broaden my pool of selection here and there. Hopefully next month I’ll be less of a frustrated wife and very much a well shared wife 😉


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