Fun Factory Stronic Bi Fusion

Could there really be a better era than now for enjoying self-pleasure? I’m constantly surprised by what sex toy manufacturers are coming up with each year and I’m betting we ain’t seen nothing yet. My own wishlist seems to grow every time I trawl Instagram and Twitter for naughty inspiration.

Fun Factory Stronic Bi FusionUnfortunately the one toy I can’t see myself acquiring any time soon (unless I hook up with a pervy mechanical engineer) is the fucking machine. What I’d do to spend an hour or two with one of those!

Don’t get me wrong. Nothing beats sex with a flesh and blood penis, but from a self-pleasure point of view, the fucking machine is an awesome way for a woman to explore her sexual response to penetration without needing a man to maintain a solid erection for more than three hours.

Fortunately, for those without the expertise, means or space, Fun Factory’s Stronic Bi Fusion offers a ‘lite’ version of the fucking machine experience. Sitting on the upper price range of Team Pulsators, Stronic Bi Fusion not only provides a highly stimulating thrusting action but also functions perfectly as a classic vibrator.

As the name suggests, this pulsator comes with two strong motors for twice the pleasure. Stronic Bi Fusion is essentially a rabbit vibrator but the main shaft can not only vibrate but also pulse gently, or thrust with some enthusiastic vigour. The flexible extension piece can either teasingly flutter over the labia or push hard against the clit while on the highest setting for vibration.

My first play with Stronic Bi Fusion literally took my breath away. I absolutely adore penetration, be it via a finger or a giant penis, so I found the dimension of Stronic Bi Fusion more than adequate for the job. Some ladies may prefer a larger insertable toy but I found it gave me a very fulfilling sensation of being probed. Once I cycled through some of the “sixty-four stellar stimulation settings”, I found a few that really hit the spot and needless to say, I climaxed quite easily.

I’ll agree with some other reviews of Stronic Bi Fusion in that while the toy has some good thrust, it’s not quite enough to simulate full penetrative sex. It does however give me enough stimulation to imagine some guy thrusting in and out of me while flicking my clit with a finger. I’ve used it a few times on Chaturbate and from the feedback I got, it visually looks the part of a fucking machine.

German-made, the Stronic Bi Fusion is a solid item and easy to use. It’s rechargeable and apparently waterproof, although I haven’t thought to take it into the bathroom with me as yet. It’s made of a medical grade silicone that has a velvety feel but again, I have to agree with other reviewers that there’s too much friction to use without lube. You’ll need a lot of of the water-based stuff to get the shaft all the way in.

The Stronic Bi Fusion is a good looking toy but certainly not cheap. It does have the potential to provide hours of fun but you’d need to accept that there’s a limit to how much thrust it can provide. On the other hand, it is much cheaper than rigging up an actual fucking machine so I was happy to invest the coins. I suggest checking out Love Honey to see if they are offering a super discount.

If you’d like to see a longer video, it’s uploaded here.



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