The Guy From Italy

The other night, my husband and I were going to venture out to a swingers party. It was an ambitious endeavour on our part given we had a lot on our plate with family stuff. Nevertheless, we were determined to inject some adult fun into the weekend and I allowed myself to feel a little excited. I knew a few single guys who were going and it was always nice to catch up with couples we knew too.

The Guy From Italy

By six o’clock that night however, I knew my poor husband wasn’t in any condition to drive to the party venue which was a good forty minutes away by car. As horny as I was, my husband’s well being always comes first so I offered to get some Chinese take-away in preparation for a quiet night in. It was the right thing to do even though I was a little disappointed.

Perhaps sensing this, my husband surprised me by suggesting that I see if a guy we had messaged on The Site was interested in meeting us for drinks. I knew he was referring to M, an Italian guy who was in town for a week and happened to be staying locally to us. We could easily meet for a drink near his hotel and take things from there. I sent M a text to see if he was interested in meeting to which he said he was.

Keen to ensure my husband still got an early night somehow, I was pretty straightforward with M. I told him that we’d love to have a quick drink and if we’re all happy that we should play as soon as possible. An hour to chat, and then an hour to play. M seemed a little taken aback with my directness but agreed. My husband on the other hand was in no rush to get ready.

As such, we ran late but M was very understanding. Although I had seen some photos of him, the tall, good looking man who walked towards us at the bar was not what I expected. M was far more attractive in real life which rendered me a little speechless. Other than being so handsome, he had a very discernible air of European sophistication. Had I bitten off more than I could chew and swallow?

I’d like to say I’m a fairly well-travelled and well-read Aussie but talking to M made me feel like a backwater yokel. I laid on the charm a little thicker than usual and hoped he didn’t notice how nervous I felt. I really didn’t need to worry as M was an easy-going guy who spoke very good English, and seemed to genuinely enjoy our company. My husband left us alone briefly to chat. M asked me about ‘this’. I understood that to mean our lifestyle of meeting guys for threesomes.

I explained to M that my husband and I enjoyed ‘this’ for bringing open-minded people together for both social and sexual fun. M nodded in agreement but lamented that it was difficult to find such people in Italy.

“It is the church country, yes?”, he said.

M said he loved the freedom of meeting people for guilt-free, NSA sex in Australia, although he said he needed some connection before having sex. That threw me a little even though it made perfect sense. Perhaps it was his way to say that he wasn’t interested in anything more than drinks tonight. Had I turned him off by being so forward and assuming sex was a sure thing?

I apologised and explained that there was no pressure for him to do anything with us. M smiled and said,

“No, it’s OK. I was thinking the same thing about what to do but you asked first so no problem.”

I still wasn’t sure what his thoughts were but at any rate, our bottle of wine was empty and M seemed keen for us to go for a walk. I became further confused. Go for a walk to his hotel, or just walk off the pizza?

At any rate, my husband and I, and M strolled around the block and continued chatting. It was only after a full lap and us asking M where he wanted to go that I realised that he just had no clue what to do with ‘this’. He wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to have us to his room, and furthermore he was concerned that his colleagues would wonder why he had two strangers in tow.

Ever practical, my husband suggested that M get in our car and we could play at our house instead. M liked that idea and got into the back of our car. My husband encouraged me to join him in the back. He is always good at facilitating. As we drove, M asked my husband cautiously if it was OK to touch me. It became apparent to us then that M had never fucked another man’s wife before, at least not in front of him.

My husband reassured M that as long as I was happy, nothing was going to offend either of us. With permission granted, M was immediately on me. He kissed my neck and shoulders while his hands eagerly grabbed at my breasts over my shirt. He kissed my mouth with a hungry passion, leaving me with no doubt as to what he wanted. M slid his hand down my jeans and sought out the soft, wet lips of my pussy which had responded to his ardour.

“I want to fuck you”, M breathlessly told me in his accent which only served to get me wetter.

He unbuttoned his jeans to offer me his thick cock which wasn’t quite erect but its head glistened with pre-cum. As I obediently placed my mouth over his cock, I made a mental note to be mindful that nerves may still be at play. Ahh Newbies

By the time we got up to our bedroom, M was ready to enjoy me fully. Once he had me naked, he pulled me over onto him so my dripping pussy was on his face. I felt his tongue enter my hole and lap up all the juice. His fingers vigorously moved in and out of my pussy while my clit got sucked and licked thoroughly. I stopped sucking M’s cock to allow myself the pleasure of orgasm.

I wasn’t sure if M was quite ready for penetration but he insisted on getting a condom on. His cock wasn’t rock hard by any measure but he was determined to fuck me. He pushed his shaft into my wet hole and thrust hard. Fully hard or not, I love getting fucked and M was doing a very good job. Unfortunately the condom distracted him and he lost any hardness gained from the fucking. He apologised for not being able to stay hard, explaining that after a three-year relationship, safe sex was hard to adapt to.

Taking the focus off penetration, I started sucking M again which had the desired effect. We stopped and started a few more times until M felt more comfortable keeping the rubber on. Before I let M fuck me again, my husband decided to have his turn fucking both my pussy and ass, hanging my head over the edge of the bed to give M the perfect position to fuck my mouth.

Finally, M was reaching the point of needing to fuck hard and cum. His cock was hard and ready so he enjoyed my pussy once more, thrusting hard and making me scream with pleasure. I knew he wanted to fuck my ass too which I was more than happy to oblige. He pushed gently at my lubed up asshole and I relaxed to take his whole length in. The tightness made him groan and I could tell he wasn’t going to last long. I’m sure it was absolute bliss for him to finally cum in my ass.

If not for having to be up early the next day, we would have been happy to keep playing as M was feeling more confident and was keen to cum again. We suggested that he definitely lets us know when he returns to Australia again which he seemed sure he would early next year.

I’m already looking forward to it. My husband is looking forward to sleep.

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