Guys & Ghosting

I’m ever delighted by the lovely comments left by fans and followers on my social media channels. It’s very flattering to know there are many genuine men out there who would like to take me out on a date, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had my share of guys ghosting me in real life.

GhostingI’ve already written at length about why some guys just can’t seal the deal as a Bull, but for the many women and couples left wondering why, here are some plain and simple reasons:

He Got Cold FeetĀ  – He’s an inexperienced guy who really wants to explore Hotwifing but his nerves always get the better of him. Rather than admitting that to a couple, he disappears. It’s easier. Solution: Find guys who are experienced in the lifestyle.

He’s Cheating – This guy wants to meet but he’s attached and doesn’t have permission to play. His wife has either found out or has come close, so he’s gone DEFCON 1 on all his naughty contacts. Solution: Find unattached men.

He’s a Catfish – He’s tall and athletic with a huge cock, but when you’re ready to arrange a date he’ll mysteriously stop returning your messages. Solution: Use hookup sites with verification system or video chat before you get too excited!

He’s Off-The-Shelf – He was the perfect Bull until some girl he was casually dating became more to him. The decent guys will let you know. Others will just cut you off like a tumour (lest his new GF thinks he’s a sex fiend). Solution: Find men who are not seeking a long term relationship though tricky as you can’t help it if a guy falls in love.

He’s Vague – These guys don’t really know what they want. They like the idea of Hotwifing but not enough to set aside time to meet you. Instead they go out with their mates and hope they can pick up a girl. They’ll resurface after watching some Hotwife porn. Solution: Find men who are committed to the lifestyle.

He Had an Emergency – Some men indeed have a medical or other emergency that stops them from meeting or even getting online again. Solution: Hope that they’re OK but move on to meeting someone else.

He’s Uncertain – These guys ghost you AFTER you’ve had some great play sessions. They’ve either become insecure about themselves or their performance, or they aren’t sure that having sex with another person’s wife is really for them. Again, instead of letting you know, it’s just easier to pretend that it never happened. Solution: Don’t take it personally and move on.

The most important thing to keep in mind though? Forget about whether it’s you, or him, or both. Just move on. There are more than enough decent guys out there that it’s not worth wasting another minute trying to work out why. What you know for sure is that it’s HIS loss. Don’t let him make YOU lose out on awesome experiences waiting for you.


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