Hall Pass

Sometimes I wish I had carte blanche access to fucking other men like many other Hotwives. On the other hand though, I do actually crave that delicious feeling of anticipation when my husband gives me permission to play on my own. From the moment he gives me a hall pass, I become wet with the thought of being his slut wife for one night. So when my husband told me last week to find myself a playdate while he was out of town, I knew exactly who I wanted to fuck.

Hall Pass

I had met SM (Scottish M to differentiate from the Italian M) last month for a late afternoon, check-out-a-new-potential-playmate drink. His profile on The Site was promising, having ticked most of our boxes for a spare cock. It doesn’t happen that often but as soon as I saw SM at the bar, I knew I wanted to take him home. The chemistry between us was instant. By the first hour, we had started touching each other flirtatiously on the arm. By the second hour, we were ready to fuck.

Unfortunately SM had to go on to a family dinner so we made loose plans to catch up another time. SM walked me to my car, which wasn’t at all necessary other than to create an opportunity to kiss me. I generally know from the first kiss if a guy is going to be exceptionally good in bed and SM didn’t disappoint. I ultimately couldn’t wait so we invited him over late that night. I knew SM was well hung but I soon discovered exactly how well hung.

When I got the hall pass, I couldn’t message SM fast enough. I didn’t tell him that I was allowed to fuck him though, and simply suggested meeting for drinks and ‘see’. SM liked that idea. We met up at a local bar and eased into some cheeky conversation. I forget how much fun it is to flirt with a guy, especially one that wants to bone me with his huge cock. Finishing off my Prosecco, I casually mentioned that my house was free which was the proverbial red flag to a Bull.

Needless to say, we rushed back to my house. No sooner had I closed the front door than I felt SM push me against it, kissing me with urgency. His hands roamed my body, finally exploring every part that only his eyes could feast on at the bar. I wore a short dress which served as an invitation for SM to reach a hand up between my legs. He stroked my inner thighs and I felt myself getting wet.

Still kissing me, he used his other hand to guide mine onto his hard cock which was straining against his jeans and left leg. I gripped it lustily and squeezed. SM let out a groan and in response shoved his fingers into my wet hole. I moaned through the hot, wet kisses which turned me on as much as the unrelenting finger fucking. Sensing that I wanted more, SM got down on his knees and buried his tongue between my pussy lips. The sudden change in sensation left me breathless.

I mustered the willpower to stop SM and dragged him into the bedroom. I sat on the bed and looked up at him knowingly. I grabbed his cock again through his jeans and massaged the shaft. I greedily undid his jeans, freeing his massive dick. I gazed upon it for a moment before putting my mouth over it. I struggled to take in the entire length of his beautiful prick but I could tell SM was loving the sight of me with a mouthful of cock.

SM pushed me back onto the bed and resumed using his tongue on my sopping wet pussy. I eased myself out of my dress and let my breasts fall free. SM took great pleasure in seeing them again and grabbed one, pinching the nipple hard. I writhed in both pleasure and pain which encouraged SM to eat my pussy with more fervour. I couldn’t bear the ache I started feeling deep inside me.

“I need you to fuck me…”

SM was as much in need and wasted no time putting a condom on. He moved his body over mine, pulling his cock up and dropping it against the mound of my pussy with a thud. I grasped his dick and slid it up and down between my dripping slit before finally easing it into my aching hole. SM pushed gently inside, stretching my pussy and making me gasp with intense pleasure. He was only halfway inside but I could have cum.

Then his whole length slid inside, making me squeal involuntarily. His cock found a secret spot, thus far undiscovered in spite of the many cocks that had ventured into my woods before him. SM started fucking me slowly, knowing from last time that I needed time to adjust to his size before any hard thrusting. Time wasn’t on our side that night but we fucked slowly for a long time. He kissed me just as languidly, clasping my hands into his to gauge how well I was taking the deep penetration.

The slow fucking was delectable but I motioned for him to take me from behind. I desperately wanted him to push at that secret spot again, over and over, hard and relentlessly. I wanted to cum that same way; feeling like a naughty, dirty slut wife being mounted by a horse-like dick. SM knew what I wanted. He gripped my hips and shoved his cock up my gaping hole, fucking hard and without the same consideration that I needed before. It didn’t take long before I convulsed with an orgasm.

I lay on my stomach for a while, savouring the exquisite pulsations deep inside my pussy. SM busied himself between my legs again with his tongue. I felt him probe my arsehole, teasingly at first with the tip before darting his whole tongue inside. He tongue fucked me for a good minute before suggesting that we try anal sex. I couldn’t take him last time but SM seemed convinced I was ready tonight.

“I’ll be gentle and slow.”

SM lay over me and guided his cock into my slippery arsehole. I was relaxed and took him in without any issue. SM had his entire cock inside me and it felt so unbelievably good. I never thought anal sex could make me want to cum but with each slow thrust, I could feel myself edging towards orgasm. If I had another cock inside my pussy then, I’m sure I would have exploded with ecstasy.

If not for running out of time (SM had plans with a friend and I had to pick up my kids), I could have had anal sex with SM all night. Instead, I told him to wank and cum into my mouth. He held his cock over me and pulled on his shaft. I looked into his eyes and I could tell he wasn’t going to take long. Sure enough, with a few more tugs he shot his load into my mouth. I let some cum dribble out as I sucked the head of his cock clean. SM lay back to catch his breath.

“Fuck, you are good.”

Pleased with that scorecard, I got dressed.

There’s certainly no point getting a hall pass unless you’re going to do something useful with it!



  1. This proves it. Women write so much more erotically than do we men. I love it when my wife posts about her encounters, because they are sexier than when I write about them. You don’t disappoint either. Your writing had me feeling like I was watching him do you. Damn that was hot!!

    • Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I think women savour the moment more and we want to reenact it as closely as possible if we’re writing about it. Men are definitely more visual creatures which is why my husband takes better videos and photos of our play time LOL.

  2. Oh yes for some women anal orgasms are possible… But I’m thoroughly convinced it’s chemistry… My little play friend A, the rare times we get to meet, we go absolutely crazy for each other… She has continuous, long, body convulsing orgasms once we are in full swing… Even anal which she is amazed we can actually do, seeing how tiny she is, gives her intense, powerful orgasms… Excluding my wife, I don’t have this connection with any other woman. I’m lucky my wife is my favourite fuck… and a
    few other guys too 😁

    • I think you’re definitely on to something! My hall pass guy and I have strong chemistry. Anal with him was really pleasurable whereas with other guys it’s been good but not mind-blowing. Same with oral sex perhaps. SM and another playfriend have about the same size penis but I can easily suck SM but with the other friend, I do choke a bit. It’s not that I’m not turned on but it’s that extra chemistry that helps for sure. Glad you and your wife are having fun 😉

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