Hotwifing Handbag Essentials

Figure-hugging dress: Check.
Killer heels: Check.
Lacy g-string: Not tonight.

So goes my check-list for a night out to meet a new playfriend. It’s fairly straightforward until I get to the handbag stage which is a real task in itself. I like to make sure I’m prepared for whatever the evening brings me!

Handbag Essentials
I wonder if the Magic Wand will fit in here…

Every Hotwife’s handbag is bound to contain different things (and take a peek only if you dare!) but here are some Hotwifing handbag essentials that I think any new Vixen should pack into her own purse.


Unless you’ve been tested and have an arrangement, it’s best to keep the sex safe. That means ensuring you’ve got your own supply of condoms. Never, ever rely on a playfriend to bring his own: some will, most will forget. Invest in some high quality condoms that has your Stag’s seal of approval. Err on the XL side as even an averagely endowed guy will appreciate the extra room. Not sure where to start? This Ask Men guide covers all the best condoms on the market. Have fun discovering!


Don’t rely on Mother Nature. Bring lube! Even the horniest Hotwife can’t stay comfortably slippery after two hours of solid rogering. If anal is on the menu then lube is a mandatory accompaniment. Most popular manufacturers have pocket-sized versions of their popular lubes, such as Pjur. You can even get super convenient sachets of lube if your handbag isn’t so accommodating.


Unless you’re in the habit of packing your toothbrush and toothpaste wherever you go, a small pack of mints is a must-have to keep your mouth feeling fresh. Even if you avoid garlic prawns at dinner, a glass or two of red wine can quickly make the prospect of kissing you less desirable. Most mints are in compact containers but you can’t go past Mintia mint tablets from Japan in super thin packets.MintiaTissues, Wet Wipes & Deodorant

For the Hotwife who enjoys a dalliance between errands and engagements, it’s important to have the items to help keep you feeling fresh wherever you end up. You can’t count on hotels having amenities or on being able to have a shower after a naughty quickie. Unless you’re saving… ahem.. a souvenir for your Cuck hubby, it’s nice to give the crotch a once over before dealing with mundane matters.

Mini Vibrator

Why? Sometimes you just need a little extra stimulation to get you over the finish line. You may discover that the sexy stud whose gorgeous big cock you admired online doesn’t really know how to operate it. What better than a trusty bullet to save the day? Even if your playfriend is a genius in the bedroom, he’ll love a vibrator that can enhance the pleasure for both of you, such as Picobong’s Koa. So compact and discreet, why wouldn’t you keep one in your handbag?

Long Lasting Lipstick

I’m all for natural beauty and we all know make up ain’t gonna stay in place after a long, steamy hour of sex anyway, but I personally like to keep my lips an inviting shade of scarlet as I put them to good use: smiling at my date of course! Long lasting lipsticks don’t need as much touching up and don’t cost a fortune. Lip tints are great in that they leave a natural colour on your lips but won’t transfer on to him. Perfect if he doesn’t need evidence left on his… cheeks.

Long Lasting Lipstick

Spare Knickers

Finally, forgive me for being such a mother but I don’t think it hurts to keep a spare pair of panties in your handbag. Yes, you can certainly step back out into the world without wearing any (should your impatient paramour have torn your lacy thong apart), but what if you get hit by a bus? Just kidding. Still, if your next stop post-tryst is school pick up or an important meeting, it’s nice to have underwear on. If you prefer walking on the wild side, then by all means ignore this!


  1. Great post. Especially about bringing your own condoms. Men think they’ll get to ride bareback if they “forget” theirs. Uh…nope!

    • Thank you 🙂 Indeed! Men and women equally need to take the initiative and I think it’s great that younger women feel less embarrassed about carrying their own supply. If it’s not on, it’s not on!

  2. Love this post. I shared it with my wife and she has already procured her own hotwife handbag with the essentials. Thanks again!

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