Happy New Year

This blog begins because I am feeling thoroughly morose after what should have been a memorable New Year’s Eve party. I’ll write about that later, but I suppose my first blog post here should start with an explanation:

I am a shared wife.

The aforementioned party was a swingers party and I am feeling morose over a man who isn’t my husband. It should have been a straightforward transaction like most of my encounters are. This one got royally fucked. Unlike me.

Happy New Year

But I digress.

Being a shared wife is mostly awesome: as long as I adhere to our mission statement. It’s a lifestyle filled with immense fun and immeasurably satisfying sexual exploration. There’s certainly never a dull moment choosing random cocks to enjoy.

Did that sound crass? If so, I recommend moving on. This blog is going to be full of candid descriptions of what happens in the recreational sex scene. This blog isn’t erotica and nor is it intended to titillate. If you still get a buzz out of it, then knock yourself out.

This blog is my new sexual confidant. I used to have real confidants in my earlier days of being shared which were sometimes fraught with angst. In my post-NYE hour of need, I soon discovered I had no one to talk to about the feelings I wasn’t supposed to be having.

This blog will house the truths of my world. If your moral compass points firmly at monogamy, then please feel free to stay but don’t judge.

Most of all though, this blog will remind me that while emotional attachment is delicious, it’s wholly devastating.


  1. I started reading some of your recent posts, then realized I needed to start at the beginning of your journey. Which really isn’t your beginning. Just the beginning of your blog. I am new to the Hotwife kink. I’m having a challenging time wrapping my head around it. I’m a former stripper and feel like I’ve “sowed my wild oats” while my hubby was saddled with his first marriage and responsibilities. We are not a cuk couple. He is still my Alpha. I’ve had a hard time finding reading on true Hotwifing. So THANK YOU for your proverbial breadcrumbs for me to follow.

    • Hi Trixie 🙂 Thanks for visiting. Yes, the blog started after a slightly challenging Hotwife encounter and I needed an outlet for some of the things I felt. It’s now grown into my personal diary and other things. I think there are many ways to enjoy the Hotwifing scene. It’s nice to know that my sexuality isn’t being limited by social norms and I can continue to explore and learn with other men and my husband. I think Hotwifing is evolving and certainly not all husbands are cuckolds. Many simply want to champion their wives’ pleasure which is one nice neutral way to describe it. You’ll soon work out what suits you the best. Good luck 🙂

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