Happy Stag, Happy Vixen

One of the biggest positives about Hotwifing is that the focus is squarely on female sexual desire. I can’t think of any other sexual dynamic that is as devoted to helping a woman explore her sexuality while her man’s sexual needs take the backseat (or the chaise longue for a comfortable viewing position). While a Stag gets fulfillment from her pleasure, it’s definitely the Hotwife who gets the lioness’ share of mind-blowing sex.


This brings me to write about maintaining a healthy balance in the Hotwifing dynamic. Sure, a Stag is a Stag because he loves seeing his Vixen get fucked sideways by a bevy of hung Bulls, but he needs to be in the mood too. If what a Stag felt or thought didn’t matter then he’d be a Cuckold, and Cuckolding has its own set of scales with which balance (or imbalance) is determined. It’s wrong to assume a Stag’s needs isn’t important.

The other week, we finally caught up with Dr D again after a couple of failed attempts to play. He was free on a specific morning one week so I asked my husband if it was OK to arrange playtime. Given I had a major cock binge the previous month, he wasn’t overly enthusiastic about it. Personally, I wasn’t really gagging for a threesome but I did have a thing for Dr D and wasn’t willing to risk missing the opportunity to fuck him again. I insisted on having him over.

The play session was fun. I wore latex stockings and managed to accommodate Dr D’s huge cock anally as we had wanted to do for so long. However, because I effectively put my needs ahead of my husband’s, it felt a little selfish. That isn’t to say that my husband didn’t enjoy the session, but I know he went through the motions a little. Clearly I wasn’t the only one who experienced cock fatigue and needed a break.

This confirmed one thing for me: I only truly enjoy being shared when my husband is fired up by the thought of another man devouring me. Not just supportive or merely ‘OK’ about it. Our Hotwifing adventures are hot only if we’re both equally in the mood. If my husband isn’t overwhelmingly up for it then I dial back my own desires. As much as I may want every orifice occupied, if my husband isn’t going to get a raging erection watching it, I won’t really enjoy it either.

So what does a Hotwife do when the other half of the sexy partnership isn’t feeling it? Resume normal life. Find enjoyment in each other. Our lives most definitely don’t revolve around my getting fucked by other men so it’s not hard to take a break. I’ll miss getting extra cock but that’s where self pleasure comes in handy and I have a massive stockpile of dirty memories to get myself off with. A bit of voluntary monogamy never hurts and certainly gets us excited about playing again when ready.

There’s a long summer ahead after all ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Hi,
    Iยดve read your blog with interest for a couple of days as I’m more and more curious and willing to give a try to this lifestyle with my wife.
    This article makes me really uncomfortable however.
    I’ve read different stories where the hotwife takes a lot of pleasure getting fucked by many men but at the end, she’s can’t wait to get home, to her favorite lover. Sex with others is an extra pleasure but the main part is between her and her husband. Wife sharing isn’t a humiliating role for the husband. He allows her and guide through her sexuality and taboo.
    In that article you describe this time where you must quite hotwifing and stay with your husband as a dull punishement. You looks like you have to come to terms with it, that it sucks now, making your husband in an inferior position compare to these huge divine cocks you use to meet.
    Pardon me to be so direct. I don’t mean to be rude but if I know for sure my wife will one day write something like that about an intimate time between both of us, thinking about all the cocks she could gets instead of mine, I would reject all of it without any second thoughts.

    • Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not sure if maybe you read a bit too much into this post? The main point that I meant to cover is that sometimes my husband (and even me) has had enough play time and it’s time to take a break. My relationship with my husband is the most important thing so taking a break is never a problem and we enjoy having sex with each other. There are many ways couples enjoy Hotwifing so how I play isn’t going to be the same as how you and your wife will play. I won’t pretend that I don’t fantasise about other men (my husband fantasises about other women). It’s natural. I think it puts more pressure on you to feel you have to fantasise about or feel only sexually attracted to your partner even when you’re not playing. However, it’s up to each couple to define the rules ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I enjoy all cocks – not just big ones and my husband has a nice sized one too.

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