Reader Question: Hesitant About BBC?

“I’m a Stag husband that loves sharing my sexy Hotwife. Mrs Hotwife enjoys dressing up in sexy lingerie and having hot fun with hung fit men. My question is that she’s almost ready to experience a monster BBC but is hesitant, why? The BBC gentleman we know is a good guy and very respectful. I’m not a jealous man and want her to experience something I can’t give her. She has said that she would try a monster cock even a monster BBC. I don’t push because it’s all about her needs and desires. What’s my options?”

Hesitant About BBC
Uhhh… Click and see 😐

Why is she hesitant? Have you seen a monster cock? Yes, they look phenomenal in porn and the actors who ride them seem have a really good time, but don’t forget those actors who perform in BBC porn are generally used to XXL penises. The rest of us women? Perhaps not so much. For example, I greatly admire Mr Shane Diesel and get pretty excited seeing his exceptional BBC but… Would I? Could I? There’s a part of me that knows it would feel soooooooo good, but another part says ‘hell no!’.

Now, I’ve enjoyed my share of large cocks but if my husband asked me to meet a BBC of Shane Diesel’s calibre, I’d be pretty nervous too. A lot of us women don’t know what our upper limits are (literally). I could agree to trying a 11-inch BBC but knowing that I struggled in some positions with 9-inchers, I’d be very cautious and make it abundantly clear that we will be going slow. If there are any doubts, monster cocks will not be accepted that day.

I am not sure what your idea of a monster cock is (10 or more inches?) but have a think about what your wife can physically manage. If she is of smaller build or has a tighter than average vagina, then penetration might not be possible and nothing is going to change that. If your wife has given birth vaginally then she may have some confidence that her vagina can expand, but if she hasn’t had a child or gave birth by C-Section, it may be unimaginable or even frightening. And some of those monster cocks are huuuuuuuuge!

Other than that, should a woman fuck a BBC just for the sake of it? I’m always amused by the genre but in reality, I need to like the guy who is going to penetrate me, regardless of size or race. Perhaps your wife should spend some quality time with the BBC you have in mind so she feels comfortable experimenting with him. The first time might be awkward, or it might be impossible or uncomfortable. She needs to know it’s OK to take it slow or even stop, and that you and her Bull has her back.

So what indeed are your options? It’s awesome that you want to see your wife enjoy herself but your first job is to simply ask what her concerns are. She may be worried about pain during penetration. As soon as we think something is going to hurt, sex stops being fun. Talk about what her limits are in terms of size. Perhaps she should start with a larger than average penis first or even buy a dildo to experiment with in her own time. That’s only if she is keen on trying a monster cock. Build up gradually until she feels confident that she can take and enjoy a much larger BBC.


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