Hookup Scheduling Conflicts

A few months ago, I met a tall, handsome British guy who was exactly what a busy Hotwife needed in a play friend. He was experienced with couples, straight-forward and worried that I was the one who might back out on a date. With a penchant for dirty double penetration action and latex gear, he also added a much welcomed element of kink to my adventures. The only problem? He’s a doctor.

It’s OK. We’ll fuck again one day.

Our first hookup was ridiculously easy to set up. My husband and I were both free one morning and so was Dr D. I met him for coffee first then took him back to our place for a good solid fucking. I was wearing black leather boots which he asked me to keep on during sex. Dr D had a nice thick cock which felt so good sliding into my pussy but I knew he was desperate to put it up my ass. I promised to let him take me anally next time and work on having me doubly filled too.

I’ve tried playing with Dr D again but to no avail and other guys have since had the pleasure of my ass. We’re all keen for it to happen but timing is a very, very cruel bitch who hasn’t had decent sex in decades. With work, holidays, ill health and my monthly play breaks, there isn’t actually a lot of free time left between the three of us to coordinate sex sessions. I had to cancel one date (which I now regret in sweet retrospect), and then Dr D got sick the morning of the raincheck hookup.

Then, the epic fail of last-minute hookups: an afternoon play date thwarted by a rare on call request that Dr D had to accept. It was the first in twelve months and he couldn’t find anyone to replace him. We’ve all been good-natured about these cancellations but they have taken their toll of sorts. We’re both become a bit hesitant to suggest another date to meet. There’s still a lot of sexy banter and dirty intentions but I think we’re paranoid of jinxing things any further.

Naturally, we both meet other people and aren’t hard up for sex, but it’s been frustrating not being able to fuck someone you’ve already enjoyed. I’ve certainly had a very naughty week while on holidays but that hasn’t lessened my desire to have some kinky anal sex with Dr D. I worry that we’ve lost some sexy momentum because of these hookup fails and he may eventually put the ‘too hard’ label on me.

I guess a shift-working doctor is not exactly the most sensible type of person to have as a play friend. I can’t say we’ve come across that many other doctors in the swinging scene and I guess this goes to show why. Still, I can’t resist the charm, intelligence and sexy accent of Dr D so we’ll persevere.

Let’s hope I get my appointment with the doctor soon!

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