Hooray For Hotwives!

Last week I was unfathomably accused of copying another Hotwife blog. The accusation was baseless and I couldn’t help but feel it was precipitated by the rude discovery of not being the only Hotwife blogger in the village. I guess that as an early adopter of the lifestyle, one’s nose may get put out of joint by the growing ranks of Hotwives. Indeed, the Interweb is full of married women openly sharing their extra-marital exploits!

Daffyd may want to be the only gay in the village but I love being one of many, many Hotwives!

Personally, I think it’s great that Hotwifing and all its variants are becoming recognised as sexual lifestyle options. Even before blogging and becoming active on Twitter, I never for a moment thought my situation was unique. Through Twitter alone, I quickly discovered that there are many, many women who are living the lifestyle right now, largely oblivious to labels and rules that define how they should go about their salacious shenanigans.

Some women have been well and truly active as Hotwives for years, and well before the term even got coined. I continually sit back in awe of so many liberated women there are online and feel like a rank amateur in comparison. However, I quickly discovered that it’s a celebration and not a competition. No one gives you a medal for being a Hotwife, but you sure get a lot of encouragement and genuine appreciation if you simply be who you are.

For me, sharing my sexy journey through this blog and other means has been rewarding in itself. I’m certainly not out to be the most interesting Hotwife or the authoritative voice on the matter. I don’t pretend to know everything or have all the answers for each individual issue related to Hotwifing or alternative sexual relationshops. However, if I can help in some way then it’s a win for everyone. Hence I blog ☺️

So to celebrate all the sexy Hotwives around the world, I will make a list of some must-follow ladies on Twitter. Please show them your appreciation and support.

NB: For the record, what I write here are all my own views, masterfully (*cough*) concocted into a semi-intelligible and entertaining format. There is simply no joy in assuming someone else’s work as your own.

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