Hotwife Anklets

I just got an lovely email from a reader who asked me what the go was with Hotwife anklets. Do they have to look a specific way? Do they have to have charms on them? Would a simple beach-y, leather one suffice? All excellent questions! I just don’t have all the corresponding excellent answers. Yet!

Hotwife AnkletsI’m aware of the idea of wearing anklets to let single men know that a woman is ‘married but available‘, but in the same way swingers are supposed to put an upside-down pineapple in front of their house to symbolise their non-monogamy, I don’t think it’s a definite rule or one that is known globally enough to be an actual thing. Put it this way, I don’t wear one and I’m not sure if it would help my cause even if I did here in Australia!

If I were to venture out to a trendy bar with a pretty anklet on, I’d kinda be concerned that the wrong people would get the right message, if you know what I mean. Just imagine a pair of hipsters gazing at my ankle while sipping on pisco sours…

“Yeah man, I read an article about anklets. She’s like, a Hot Wife.”
“Well I guess she’s hot. And I guess she’s a wife.”
“Yeah, but polyamorised.”
“Coooool. Yeah, I think that’s what Lars and Heliotrope are into.”
“Fuuuuckkk… They’re into some twisted shit man. Ropes and funnels.”

There’s a moment of silence before the hipsters hurriedly finish off their sours and depart. I don’t really care as a super hot guy walks in and sits at the table next to me. I daintily point my be-ankleted foot towards him. He doesn’t notice. I start jiggling my foot. He finally notices. He looks up at me and smiles before taking out his device to text someone.

So what next? Does this guy know what the anklet means? Did he even notice that I had one on? Since he smiled at me, does that mean he’s available? Is he wearing an anklet?? Ugh!

I would suggest that in some circles and possibly more so in the US than elsewhere in the world, an anklet may be a reliable means of broadcasting a woman’s Hotwife status. In many cultures, ankles are, or had been, considered a risque part of a woman’s body so it’s easy to imagine why anklets came to be something only naughty, wanton women wore. Perhaps that’s a statement in itself.

Are anklets enough to do the talking for me though? If I was serious about picking up at a bar or club, or library, I think I’d use the tried and tested method of batting my eyelashes at an eligible man and see what transpires. If he has a problem with me being married, then he can walk away after all. On the other hand, if I was a Queen of Spades, then having an anklet that explicitly implies my love of BBC could definitely come in handy!

I think anklets are wonderfully sexy accessories regardless of symbolism. If you like the idea of wearing one on the off chance a sexy guy recognises the significance, then that’s cool! If you really want to make sure the message is loud and clear then you can look into getting some very obvious Hotwife anklets like those made by Hotwifecharms on Etsy. Their charms, necklaces and anklets range from being super cute to super slutty so you can make your intentions very clear.

I just might get myself a little something and see where it gets me one night.

If I freak out some hipsters in the process, that’s a bonus!


  1. I agree that anklets are a very subtle signal and that most people won’t even notice, and if they do notice, won’t no the meaning. However, I gave my wife an anklet and ask her to wear it, because I know what it means and what it signifies and I think that’s hot as hell. When she’s on her dates, I ask her to wear another one that says “Shared Wife”.

    • Yes, very subtle but as you said, as long as you and your wife know what it means, then that’s all that matters. It’s a very sexy symbol.

  2. I wear an anklet. Not all the time. I don’t wear jewelry all the time. When I do, it’s on my right ankle. I wear my wedding ring on my left (my private side, should you subscribe to that ideology). Therefore, I wear my anklet on my public side, so those who are truly “in the know” may use it to start a conversation. Does it happen? I think with the symbol of the anklet, in addition to my body language/eye contact/ expressions, it’s a door opener.

    • I find the symbolism very cool and totally sexy. If you happen to be wearing one and someone does recognise the meaning (and who you fancy), then it’s a winner. Even if no one notices, as long as you know what it means and you feel empowered by it, why not wear one?

  3. There are many women who wear anklets and they are not hotwives. That’s a good thing for the ones who are hotwives because it gives them the option of plausible deniability when it’s convenient to them. They can play innocent and pretend not to be while openly wearing an anklet which they know symbolizes what they are. That keeps us guys guessing and also creates an aura of mystery about the woman especially when it’s a “charmless” anklet.

    In my 4 years in the lifestyle, I’ve had three successful encounters with anklet wearing hotwives in a vanilla setting. In all 3 occasions I had a pretty good idea that they were hotwives right off the bat because of 3 factors.

    1) She’s married (wedding ring) and accompanied by her significant other
    2) She’s wearing an anklet….right ankle more so
    3) She’s friendly towards me. Not necessarily flirty, but chatty, smiling and comfortable talking to me while husband is there

    However, 90% of the time, I cannot tell whether a woman wearing an anklet is a hotwife or not. If most of them are hotwives and I can’t tell, they are doing a pretty good job in openly camouflaging it and that’s good for them.

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