Hotwife Myths

Just from Tumblr memes alone, you’ll soon discover that not all couples do Hotwifing the same way. It’s no huge surprise to me given I come from a swinging background where there is a massive variety in how people play. The problem is that the way one Hotwife has fun may give rise to misconceptions about all of us collectively. So, here are some Hotwife Myths busted!

Hotwife Myths

Myth 1: All Hotwives are nymphomaniacs

I guess the rationale behind this one is that if a woman needs more than her husband’s penis then she must be highly sexed. I’ll agree that a lot of fellow Hotwives do have a higher than average sex drive but that’s not always the reason they choose the lifestyle. I think only a small percentage of women became a Hotwife because their husband couldn’t cope with the demand. As I put it in my last blog post, Hotwives may be insatiable, but not necessarily just for sex. We have a hunger for the variety other men bring into our sex life.


Myth 2: The Hotwife’s husband must be a dud

Hotwives generally don’t get into the lifestyle because their husbands are awful in bed. If anything, it’s a man who is confident in his bedroom skills that can invite another man or two to share his precious wife. He knows the pleasure is in different lovers, not better lovers. He also knows that he only has one penis and there is immense delight in having more than one cock to appreciate at the same time. A Hotwife’s husband is therefore pretty darn awesome in bed if you ask me. He understands her needs.

Myth 3: A Woman needs Hotwife ‘Training’

What?? You’re either a Hotwife or you’re not right? I think the idea that a woman can be converted into a Hotwife is somewhat demeaning. I’m a shared wife out of my own volition. I don’t need to be coaxed into having sex with other men. I guess if the ‘training’ is meant to be an extrapolation of the dominant/submissive relationship, then by all means go for it. I personally don’t view what I do as putting myself in an inferior or subservient position to my husband, nor a superior one. We both equally enjoy me being a Hotwife.

Myth 4: A Hotwife must be in a bad marriage

Far from it. If a woman is in an unhappy marriage and agrees to sleep with other men, then I think it’s a last ditch effort to put some spark back into the union, or it’s already at death’s door. At any rate, it won’t last. Introducing other people into a couple’s sex life requires honesty, trust and the ability to communicate. If they don’t exist in a marriage then the couple has no business doing anything other than improving their primary relationship. It’s only when you have a solid base that swinging or Hotwifing can be enjoyed for the uncomplicated fun they are.

Myth 5: There must be something ‘wrong’ with a Hotwife

Maybe it sounds too good to be true for some men? Why would a happily married woman seek sex outside of the marriage? Is she a freak? Is she bored? Is she walking the road to self-destruction? The best thing to do is assume nothing about a Hotwife who invites you to fuck her. Take the offer at face value. There are no strings attached and if you decide to stop seeing her, then you don’t need to grow eyes on the back of your head for fear that she will axe you. Trust me, she’s moved on to the next able body. Hotwives are completely regular women who do regular things. In bed, she just wants a little extra on the side. No need to think beyond that.

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