Hotwife Out of Isolation

Hello all! I truly hope this post finds you all well and weathering the COVID-19 storm ok, as I thankfully am. Today, I’m not offering any pearls of Hotwifing wisdom; I just thought I’d offer an update on how I’ve been over the last few months while in isolation. I know for many of you that the pandemic is still an ongoing issue and I wish everyone a safe journey through to the other side.

isolationThe ‘other side’ is largely here for us in Australia as we cautiously wait and see if a second wave is likely to happen. We’ve done a great job nationally to keep The ‘Rona under control and as I write, I think the rate of transmission is close to zero and we’re all gradually lifting the various restrictions that kept us at home. I even managed to get a couple of post-iso playdates in, and I’m shortly off on another coffee date this afternoon.

Fortunately for my household, we were able to work and learn from home with minimal disruption. If not for the deaths and the people severely affected by the restrictions, I dare say I enjoyed being isolated. I’m a bit of a homebody to be honest, so being told to stay home wasn’t a struggle. I know for others however, not being able to go out and socialise has been a mental challenge. I have to admit there were days when I just couldn’t wrap my head around it and found myself feeling lost.

For those wondering how this naughty Hotwife coped without much action, it really wasn’t an issue, especially in light of the much more important things that social-distancing robbed us of this year. Besides, I can’t say I felt that sexy in the first month or two. I’m a rational human being but who didn’t for a short time wonder if they might end up contracting the virus? The media did a massive job of striking fear in the most intrepid of us. Did I really want to run the risk of getting sick for the sake of some spare cock? Nah.

As the number of active cases started dropping in Australia, I started to relax. We still couldn’t go out to meet a Bull or invite one home for fun, but my husband and I very much enjoyed our own company so we didn’t feel like we were missing out sexually by any means. We’ve actually had longer periods of not playing in the past so being a monogamous couple for a couple of months was no biggie. Besides, I had an awesome start to the year before COVID, and I had more than enough sexy guys to flirt with online.

Being in isolation has however made me rethink my strategies in meeting new Bulls. I’m still selective about who I play with but I’m a bit more relaxed about who I’ll meet for a coffee date. Call it an experiment but I’m seeing if perhaps I’ve been limiting myself by relying solely on online chemistry and attraction when someone might just be the perfect Bull in real life. You just never know right? To be honest, 80% of the time my online assessment of a guy is correct but I’m excited to be proven wrong 20% of the time.

While I’ve got some time up my sleeves, I’m going to agree to meeting more guys over a coffee date and if I hit it off with someone, then that’s another sexy option for a play session. If not, well I’ve had a nice morning or afternoon out!

Watch this space!


  1. my wife had her first play date since early in the year. it was nice. he is a well established boyfriend of many years. she felt it safe enough with him but yeah its always in the back of ones mind….

    • It’s always worth being careful now than sorry later on. I think if common sense is applied, playing in COVID times is still possible.

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