Breaking Hotwife Rules

They say that rules are meant to be broken, but where Hotwifing is concerned, there’s a fine line between playfully pushing boundaries and unwittingly putting fine cracks in your marriage. I’ve certainly seen a few relationships go into hiatus from swinging because one partner (or both) has liberally interpreted some previously agreed upon rules.

Hotwife Rules
We’re actually not into spanking… It would actually be punishment for me.

I know some Hotwives have a carte blanche arrangement with their husbands and see whomever they please, whenever they please. Even then, I suspect there are still some basic rules they adhere to, if not purely for personal safety. I think the only exception would be cuckolded husbands. Imposing rules would defeat the whole purpose of being a cuckold right?

As for my husband and I, we have loose rules that are largely based on common sense. We don’t hide anything from each other but we also don’t divulge every minute detail, such as how often I’ve sent nude selfies to a prospective play friend. It’s generally the important stuff that we form rules around. For example, if either of us don’t like a single guy we meet, then we won’t go through with play.

Every now and then, the urge to have some spontaneous sex does make me consider bending Hotwife rules. I am sometimes left to my own devices at night and the devious rebel in me wants to booty call some willing young guy. I’d give him 30 minutes to get me and himself off then politely tell him to leave. I could of course just ask my husband if he’d be OK with that but by the time I explain who the guy is and assure him he’s not a lunatic, the moment passes.

Other times I consider meeting a guy for coffee and hope that it might lead to more. My husband doesn’t mind me meeting guys socially, although he does cheekily ask if coffee is truly coffee. Most of the time, just like with R, I don’t plan on much more than maybe a kiss to try out the goods. It’s true that if the kiss leaves you feeling that exquisite ache between your legs, he’s going to be worth taking home (even if it takes ten years…).

I’m toying with the idea of meeting a young guy I’ve been chatting with. He has a hard body and nice looking cock which I can’t stop wondering about. I suggested that I might want to end the coffee date with a blow job. He thought that was a great idea. I’d tell my husband about meeting him but maybe the blow job will just be a secret. Knowing how well my husband knows me, I think he’ll work it out though.

To be honest, if I didn’t have Hotwife rules, the laundry would never get done. It’s just as well perhaps.

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