Hotwife Training

Update – For actual tips on how to encourage your wife to try Hotwifing, please refer to this new post: How to Train a Hotwife

Not too surprisingly, Tumblr holds a wealth of Hotwife related stuff. There’s certainly no shortage of wife sharing porn and inspirational memes about the whole Hotwife/Cuckold genre. Some of the content is rather good and stir pangs of lust. Much is pretty cringy material.

Hotwife Training

Something that makes me place a well-aimed finger down my throat is the notion of ‘Hotwife Training’. The term crops up sporadically on Tumblr in various memes, usually accompanied by some cheesy porn. This ‘training’ generally involves getting an ostensibly unwilling regular wife to agree to having sex with other men. The hopeful husband devises ways to get his oblivious wife to lust after strange cock.

What irks me is the subtext of this ‘training’. There seems to be perverted delight in turning an otherwise monogamous wife into a ravenous nymphomaniac. Yes, that’s a turn on of sorts, but the end goal seems to be the husband’s pleasure. Furthermore, is the pleasure derived from the initial reluctance of the wife? Is he getting hard over her morphing into a Hotwife, or the act of coercing a woman into something taboo?

I always viewed being a Hotwife or a shared wife as a proactive role on part of the woman. I did touch on the passive nature of being shared, but even then there’s a sense that I’m allowing myself to be shared. I didn’t need to be convinced that fucking other men was a good idea. On the other hand, I did come from a swinging background so being Hotwife wasn’t really a stretch.

So is Hotwife Training just another variation of the same theme? Men fantasising about their wives trying anything other than vanilla and the missionary position? It’s probably no different to men who want to try and get their wife to swing. Their efforts are usually stymied by their wife not wanting to see them with other women. Perhaps some men see Hotwifing as a precursor to swinging? If their wife fucks enough men maybe eventually she won’t care if he does a few ladies too?

I’m probably being cynical but to me, Hotwifing only works if a woman wants to fuck other men for herself.


  1. A pleasure reading your articles… my wife and I share a very similar type of relationship now… 18+ years of marriage and we are still crazy about each other… nice work indeed sharing your experience here, thank you.

  2. bingo, there is no training, if for whatever reason your wife isn’t into being with other men all the “training” in the world won’t change her and it could bring a lot of negativity into the relationship. I’ve tried to get my wife to be with other men, for both our pleasure, but she just is not interested.

  3. I guess it is all variable on the source of her pleasure. Is it submission to a stronger will? Being used, regardless of her personal opinion? Being reduced to a publicly available “service”? Being desired without any distracting factors (sensuality, connection, care factor….)?

    Any of these (common) drivers could contribute to the training aspect of things. My personal take is of course wildly different 😛

  4. My wife had her objections in beginning, but now she’s interested in fuck other man but she don’t want me be with them, she just don’t like that, not at all.
    What i have to do, should i encourage her to do that without me, or should i try to convince her??

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