Hotwifing Goals

If you’ve been following this blog since I started it this year, you may be inclined to think that my ‘thing’ is fucking as many different men as possible. It’s true that I have a habit of not going back for seconds (unless the sexual chemistry is immense) but often it’s been because of lack of opportunity rather than my making a conscious decision not to have sex with the same man again.

Hotwifing Goals

Hotwifing goals will differ from women to women but mine wasn’t ever to go on a sex spree. Some Hotwives may meet a different man each weekend but I personally don’t have the time to do that. Occasionally in a moment of friskiness, my husband and I would playfully plan out a free weekend whereby we’d get a succession of hot single men to take their turn with me. Of course, this would never happen as it’s been hard enough lately trying to get one man to meet us.

So what is it that I want to achieve from Hotwifing? My husband and I have always just wanted one or two regulars to arrange play dates with whenever time permitted. We both enjoyed the ongoing fun we had with B in Sydney over a span of almost two years. It would actually be nice to have sex with the same guy/s to be honest, as much as it’s fun to try new cocks.

I do love the delicious high of meeting a new guy and fucking him for the first time, but after my brief but very hot car park encounter with J, I think I could get very used to developing a sexual rapport with the same guy. It would be so sexy to have a man other than my husband have intimate knowledge of my body and responses.

The challenge is in finding the right guy. So far the only guy my husband has met and who he would agree to playing with again doesn’t live in the same city and it’ll be a while before our paths cross again I feel. So the short term goal is finding a guy both my husband and I like (for different reasons, but nonetheless important) and the longer term goal would be to explore an exclusive arrangement with that guy for as long as it can last.

Let’s see how it goes 😉


  1. How do you make sure you dont get feelings for the other guy? My wife and I have been talking about hotwifing as it’s something I’ve been into for a while but she is self conscious of herself at the moment and she’s worried Bout getting feelings for the other guy if we go through with it

  2. In my experience, there will always be a bit of “feelings” for the other guy. It does help not going back for “seconds” as it doesn’t give any real time to establish a connection. If the connection between the Vixen and her lover becomes stronger than the connection between her and her stag, there were problems to begin with and those problems should have been addressed well before trying this lifestyle.

    • To be honest, and I addressed it in a post for newbies, I would be concerned if a Vixen developed feelings for a Bull after the first date. Of course, it’s not unusual to be ‘cock-struck’ by having sex with someone other than one’s husband for the first time but wanting to constantly be in touch with a playmate isn’t a good sign. It’s definitely something that should be discussed before Hotwifing. The Stag should maybe be the one to have contact with the Bull initially.

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