Hotwifing vs. Swinging

Comparing hotwifing to swinging isn’t as straightforward as you may think. For some, it’s like comparing the proverbial apples to oranges. For others, it’s more like comparing oranges to mandarins: Same, same, but different. Why one couple only eats apples, while another devours the entire fruit bowl comes down to factors such as sexual orientation, personality and even logistics.

Hotwifing Swinging
What are the grapes meant to be?

This post isn’t at all intended to pit one lifestyle against the other, but I’ll outline some pros and cons for each that I’ve personally observed. Hopefully this may help a newbie couple work out if one type of play is the better fit for them, or if a taste of everything makes for a good time.

Swinging is a social exercise

I have to admit that it’s sometimes awkward meeting a single guy for drinks at a bar with your husband. I don’t particularly care what other patrons think, but unless the guy we meet is naturally sociable (and there’s significant chemistry), it can be a painful experience. I’m pretty good at picking socially confident guys but in some cases it’s truly like wringing blood from a stone, especially if we don’t have anything in common. Swinger couples on the other hand are usually pretty sociable creatures. I don’t recall a date where we’ve run out of conversation topics. Swinging definitely provides more opportunity to have fun in and out of the bedroom. A couple can form a social friendship with a single guy but ‘third wheel’ does come to mind. Of course, this is all moot if you’re all just in it for sex. Who needs to bond over Merlot and Scrabble anyway?

Hotwifing doesn’t leave you guessing

Unlike swinging, hotwifing doesn’t have too many grey areas: A Hotwife loves cock and her husband generally does not. This means a man invited to join a hotwifing couple is there to do one job. He just needs to know if he needs to do the job on his own or if he’s the co-pilot. In swinging, you have to work out if there’s compatible sexual orientation between all players. For example, bisexual couples usually want other bisexual couples for maximum sexy time. Then there’s the matter of whether both couples swap for sex or just want to swap foreplay. To add to the complexity, some couples don’t know what they want or which way they lean sexually at first. Of course, once you find a compatible couple, swinging isn’t that complicated either.

There is only one vagina in hotwifing

For ladies who love other ladies, swinging is more likely to satisfy those bisexual urges. Hotwifing generally won’t, no matter how pretty a boy you choose to lure into your bed. Naturally, this just means that a couple dabbles in the two lifestyles, which is what my husband and I do. I am not overly bi these days but I still enjoy flirting with other women and it would be a lie to say that my husband isn’t interested in fucking them. Couples who exclusively choose hotwifing are not interested in other vaginas. The Hotwife may be straight and the husband isn’t fussed about having sex with other women (or can’t). This isn’t unusual at all.

Swinging can be a logistical nightmare

It’s hard enough coordinating the hectic schedules of two modern adults, never mind three, four or more. One of the reasons why my husband and I have been favouring hotwifing lately is that we are both horribly busy. This means we’re often commensurately tired too. Moments when we’re both not busy and tired (and have the house to ourselves) are scarce. To make the most of those miraculous planetary alignments, we keep it simple by finding a guy. Let me just say that’s hard enough sometimes too! Meeting couples involves trying to find another pair of humans who aren’t tired or busy on the same night you aren’t. Yes, we can go to a swingers party or club to meet couples but going out means having to organise a babysitter. Sex is meant to be fun so the least amount of organising involved, the better. Single guys are often footloose and fancy-free and very receptive to booty calls. Hallelujah!

There’s not enough cock in swinging

This point may raise a few eyebrows. How can there be not enough cock in swinging? There would be at least two and many, many more at a swingers event, surely. I won’t dispute the cock-count, but you’d be surprised how often I don’t get rogered (at least sufficiently) with another couple or even at a swingers party. This is a sweeping generalisation but married men over a certain age aren’t up for marathon sex. They may dream of the opportunity to bed many women in one night but in reality, it’s a tough gig. This is why Cialis is so popular amongst swingers. That aside, I also personally find it hard to monopolise another woman’s cock. She may want it back or others may want a piece of it. As the night progresses, there is often a cock shortage. Parties that invite extra single guys get my tick of approval. As such, I enjoy hotwifing as I get exclusive usage of two or more cocks. What more could a Hotwife want?

What do you think? Do you have a preference for hotwifing or swinging? I think both lifestyles offer enormous amounts of fun but I do

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