Reader Question: Hotwifing Without Being a Stag?

“I am interested in your thoughts on my situation. I have not been able to fully satisfy my wife and I love her more than enough to want her to have an amazing sexual experience, at least once in her life. I think every woman deserves that toe-curling, “I never knew it could feel like this” feeling. I would support her if she desires it, but I have no need/desire to watch, participate or even hear all the intimate details about such a meeting. I would only want to know that she is safe, having a good time and if she enjoyed the experience. My question I guess is, can this type of “attitude” be a turn off for her? It’s not that I do not care, I do… very much. But I just think that a situation such as this would not need to be shared beyond her enjoyment and fulfillment. Any advice, when you might have the time, from a woman’s perspective would be very much appreciated.”

Hotwife on a DateWhat a wonderful husband you are. To love your partner so much that you want her to have a fulfilling sexual experience with another man. I don’t believe your situation or attitude is unusual. Unlike typical Stags or cuckolds, you don’t derive sexual pleasure from her having sex with other men. If anything, your situation is closer to that of an open relationship where what each partner does is largely their business and not a point of mutually shared pleasure.

I think it will come down to how much your wife wants to explore her sexuality. I don’t know if she has said as much, but perhaps she isn’t dissatisfied with her sex life with you? Has she openly admitted that she is not sexually satisfied? Or is it an assumption you’ve made based on performance issues specific to you? If she loves you (and I am sure she does), she will not necessarily feel good about getting a hall pass just because you don’t think you can satisfy her. I would personally find it hard to enjoy playing with other men if that was the reason why my husband let me Hotwife.

Perhaps the best avenue to help your wife genuinely enjoy this opportunity is to be her wingman of sorts. I know you mentioned that you don’t want the details of the encounters but I think she will feel better about meeting other men if she knows you openly support her sexual exploration, rather than treat it purely as her private undertaking. Small gestures such as helping her choose an outfit or taking some other interest in the non-sexual aspects of her dates would make her feel less awkward about the arrangement.

I know that the thing I enjoy about being a Hotwife is that my husband is openly pleased for me to have my play sessions. If he was completely detached from the situation I’m not sure I would feel as good about my naughty adventures.

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