I Am Not A Pimp

Warning. I’m about to vent and it ain’t gonna be pretty. If there’s a virtual equivalent of throwing a vase across the room and smashing it into a wall, then this is it. I may regret some of the things I say but on the other hand, what’s the point in having a blog if I can’t be honest right? After all, this post might serve as a good lesson for both potential Bulls and Hotwives. Now, what’s got me so riled? Read on my friend…


You may be aware that I largely started this blog as a way to get over an experience I had with a guy. In a nutshell, I had the opportunity to play with someone I first got to know ten years ago, and with whom I developed an intimate connection after years of chatting. We only actually ever met once, but the one kiss we shared fueled a mutual lust for each other that endured even after he moved overseas.

I won’t bother dredging up the pathetic story again. All you need to know is that I was at peace with the outcome. I had no plans of meeting R again and we’re now online acquaintances at best. In fact, I actually unfriended him on Facebook last year as it dawned on me that we’re not really friends at all. I occasionally look at his Instagram feed but other than politely liking a post here and there, I had all but moved on from R.

So it came as a surprise when he messaged me out of the blue, asking me why I had unfriended him. I seriously didn’t think he’d even notice. Admittedly, I was a little touched. Had he been thinking about me? Did he want to reach out and talk about why his dick failed? When R messaged again via Instagram this time, I figured he really needed to ask me something.

He certainly did.

He wanted to know how to get in touch with my friend who he fucked after his dick rejected me.

Seriously dude??

Calmly, I told R to GGF. He knew I was upset by what happened (or didn’t happen) between us, yet he thought it was OK to hook up with my friend again. I explained that the whole debacle was awkward and I wasn’t interested in facilitating his sex life (or hers for that matter…). Am I wearing one of those big-ass gold pimp watches? Is my name Heidi Fleiss? No. Sexually, I am a cul-de-sac: I do not offer thoroughfares or bypasses to other pussies. Capisce?

As for my friend (who thought R was just amazing), I wouldn’t begrudge her a good root under any other circumstance but to be honest, she has poached one too many cocks from me that I didn’t feel the need to help a sister out either. It’s great that she enjoys a lot of dick like a good Hotwife should, but her default setting is indiscriminate. If it has a penis, then it is generally free to enter her, with or without a condom.

How a Hotwife plays is entirely her business and that definitely isn’t my quarrel. However, if she and her husband can’t be bothered putting the effort into sourcing decent guys, why should I share the spoils of my hard-earned Bull-hunting endeavours? Again, I am not a pimp! If she’s content to eat minute steak then I am not bringing wagyu eye fillet to the party just for her to devour.

So if I seem like a petulant, green-eyed Harpy when it comes to playfriends, then you’re spot on. I do not like to share (and I’ll cover that nugget another time) and I really shouldn’t have to. I’m into Hotwifing to explore my sexuality and enjoy fun times with my husband. If a Bull is invited to join us then he should only be worried about my vagina, not how many other vaginas he may have access to by virtue of being my playfriend.

I’ll go over some general play etiquette for Hotwives and Bulls in another post some time but the takeaway lessons from this are:


  • Don’t hit up a Hotwife for another woman’s contact details. She is not a Rolodex of sex.
  • Unless she desires otherwise, the Hotwife’s pussy is the only one you should be discussing with her.
  • Use tact and sensitivity is you simply must have another hottie’s deets. A Hotwife may not mind if you ask nicely.


  • Choose guys who are experienced Bulls who can navigate between Hotwives and couples with tact.
  • If you simply must have another Hotwife’s Bull at a party, just ask her, or learn to get his details discreetly.

End of Vent!


  1. Emma you had both my wife and I laughing at this one. You hit the nail on the head again. She has a guy who is always asking her to hook him up with another “hot girlfriend.” or he tells her about some chick he just banged. She is going to show him your rules. They have had a 14 year relationship so he is probably not as awful as we are making him sound, but he can get annoying thinking she has a rolodex of all the hotties in town.

  2. Your experience with that guy sounds more like a cautionary tale for not letting the hotwife get emotionally involved with a guy. As a proper slut, she’s there to get fucked first and foremost. That status of hers is what makes her even hotter than whatever hotness her figure or demeanor might give her. That’s why I think it’s best for the husband to keep some degree of control over who she sees, for how long, and on what terms, and perhaps be more involved in the logistics. Preferably with the consent of the wife, of course.

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