I had two very, very, (very) hot sex sessions over the last week but I am still a tiny bit morose over J. He confessed that he had started dating someone and he wouldn’t be able to play with me anymore. I suspected as much and it’s certainly not the first time I’ve lost a good man to love. And good men are hard to find so I’ll cry if I want to.


So why am I morose about one guy when I just had two sexy guys service me with their respective big dicks? J was a phenomenal kisser. I just could not stop kissing him when we got together. The sex was great but it was his kissing that I craved for days afterwards.

I figured out what the key difference was between how J kissed me and how other guys kissed me, particularly those who knew having sex with me was sure thing. When J kissed me, his intention was to create an intimate connection. He knew how to stir some very powerful feelings through kissing, both for his partner as well as for himself.

Most other guys however kiss me as part of foreplay. They aren’t putting a lot of thought into the process. Their lips cover mine then their tongue slips in almost immediately. It’s almost de rigueur. I don’t particularly mind but it is indeed the man who knows the power of a kiss who will get me wetter faster.

If I let my mind wander, I’ll often think about the sexiest kisses I’ve experienced as much as sex acts. There was of course the one hot kiss shared with R that ignited an intense desire for each other that spanned ten years. I also remember fondly a long awaited lip-lock between me and a long term flirtation that sadly didn’t lead to anything more. An early boyfriend who awakened me sexually was an exceptional kisser too. Aghh!

I do adore kissing my husband but we both acknowledge that we’re not each other’s best kisser. He has a different idea about how kissing should be and not likely to change his style, which is fine. At any rate, we kiss differently to convey our affection and love. During sex, I don’t mind if he’s not that much different to other guys in using kissing as a cursory act of foreplay. It’s still good.

We’ve all been fed that Cosmo chestnut about a great kisser probably being great in bed too, but there’s certainly truth in that. Unfortunately it’s hard to gauge if a man is good at kissing but since J had written in his profile on The Site that he loves kissing, I might be more mindful of guys who list kissing as something they particularly enjoy.

Here’s to kissing 😉

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