Bringing home a new sex toy is much like being with a new lover. There’s that initial build up of sexy anticipation and if you’ve done your homework right, you’re in for some knee-shaking, toe-curling orgasms that leave you glowing like you’ve been on a tropical vacation. So it was with much excitement that I was invited this month to try the LELO SONA Cruise to enhance my self pleasure sessions.

Lelo Sona Cruise test

Labelled a ‘Sonic Clitoral Massager’, this game-changing ladies’ toy emits sonic pulses and waves instead of using standard vibrations. So if you (or your female partner) have become a little bit bored of the buzzy orgasms of bullets and rabbits, then this new approach to stimulating the clitoris is worth investigating. It’s the biggest step forward in pleasure for years.

I’ve previously enjoyed LELO products which I’ve found to be well researched and developed, and highly reliable. Plus, being an aesthetist of sorts, I could never resist the gorgeous colours and shapes of LELO toys. There’s something irresistible about their curves and shiny bits; using them as intimate devices doesn’t feel tacky or clinical at all. The uninitiated may even mistake the SONA Cruise for an objet d’art!

Boxed clitoral stimulator

Simplicity is also well embraced by LELO so when the time came to debox the SONA Cruise, I felt confident that I could turn it on (the device is fully charged) and get acquainted right away just like a real life playfriend. Like human lovers, there is no accompanying hard copy manual but it wasn’t really necessary. I just lay back, positioned the device over my clitoral hood (not directly on the clit) and let it do its magic.

The sonic pulses and waves are intended to reach more of the clitoris than what is visible so the orgasms are definitely felt deeper and more intensely. Where women often describe clitoral orgasms as superficial in nature, those brought on by the SONA Cruise feel more internally derived like vaginal orgasms. Coupled with some insertive toys (like the Njoy Pure Wand), it actually made me scream. Unusual for me during masturbation!

Sona Clit massager nozzle

Ergonomically, the SONA Cruise has been designed very well. Unlike some other toys, I’m not at any risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome as the device very light and easy to hold without causing pain even over long pleasure sessions. It’s not at all awkward or intrusive so you can easily use it with dildos or a human partner attached to you. I haven’t had a chance as yet but being waterproof, SONA Cruise may be the perfect bath toy too.

If I have to bring up any negatives, I guess it’s having to fiddle around a little to find the best settings and having to cycle through to get back to the ones you liked better. However, once you take time to enjoy the exploration, the orgasms with SONA Cruise are like nothing else experienced before. This game-changing toy will no doubt end up in your nightstand drawer too.

Get the LELO SONA Cruise now for your Hotwife, girlfriend or for yourself ladies 😉


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