Length Or Girth? (Or Both?)

I had the immense pleasure of two larger than average penises inside me in the last week. It was hard to explain the huge grin I wore on my face for the following days. People figured I was excited about some upcoming holiday but little did they know I had my pussy properly rogered by two sexy single guys.

Length Or Girth

One penis, which managed to find its way up my ass, was about 9-inches long and just slightly above average in girth. The other penis was just under 8-inches but most decidedly above average in girth. Its owner desperately wants to put it up my ass as well but we’ll see how that goes.

The two penises weren’t that dimensionally different but the difference was nonetheless acutely felt by my vagina. If you ask me if I prefer length or girth in a cock then I wholeheartedly have to answer: Girth. I love a fat cock. There’s nothing dirtier than seeing a cock that is so heavy that it flops out its owner’s underwear.

L’s cock was visually very pleasing. It’s length meant that I couldn’t deepthroat it terribly well but it was a lot of fun to play with (a double-hander, if you will). The second guy (who I’ll call DD and will blog about later) had a good thick cock which felt so good in my hand. Sucking it wasn’t too hard and I loved how it filled my mouth.

When L first entered me, his cock felt great and I could definitely feel his full length. I don’t know about other women but I can definitely feel pleasure past the first third of my vagina. While L had good length, I didn’t get the delicious sensation of being stretched with him. I still enjoyed him fucking me though and his penis was perfect for anal.

With DD, I loved that he had to push his nice fat cock into me. I was very wet but it still felt like a tight squeeze to get him all the way in. It felt so naughty feeling his fat head stretch me. Once he was all the way in, I was in rapture. It’s hard to describe other than to say that a big thick cock just scratches that itch you can’t otherwise reach.

So while I came with both guys, I have to say that the moment of penetration felt best with DD. I absolutely adore the naughty, taboo feeling of taking in something that is too big. That is definitely turn on in itself. Visually it’s also very sexy seeing a thick dick thrusting in and out of me.

So personally, if I had to choose between length or girth I would pick the latter any time. A very thick 6-inch cock would appeal to me more than a skinny 9-incher. My husband doesn’t have a long penis but his decent girth does make up for anything I may or may not be missing out on for the lack of one or two inches extra.

And if I had the chance to have best of both worlds? I probably wouldn’t say no but as I discovered with MLR’s huuuuuge 10-inch cock, there’s no need to have a smorgasbord every night!

NB – Someone asked about skill. Let’s assume all my lovers are skilled so this post is just about the dick. A guy with a long and/or fat cock who doesn’t know how to use it doesn’t get repeat custom from me.

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