Male Escorts as Bulls?

A while a go I was asked by a reader whether it was a good idea to seek out a male escort for their first Hotwife experience. He gave me some valid reasons as to why an escort would be ideal for his wife, such as for maintaining discretion and to actually be guaranteed of an attractive man turning up to a date. Given how the latter can truly be a challenging aspect of Hotwifing, I had to concede that perhaps using male escorts made sense.

Male Escort
I mean… if male escorts all looked like Richard Gere…

Whatever your thoughts on prostitution, you can’t deny that it’s a popular service and one that’s been sought out by people from all walks of life, at least since when Jesus hung out with Mary Magdalene. As long as consenting adults are involved, and working conditions fair, I personally take zero issue with sex work. I did however have to think twice about whether a male escort would actually make a good Bull. Would I seek one out myself? If not, why not?

Truth be told, I have had the occasional fleeting thought about hiring a masseur that provides ‘happy endings’. Mind you, I think that’s in relation to the whole fantasy porn scenario rather than thinking it’s something I actually want to do. It would be hot for a regular massage to turn ‘unprofessional’ (as per porn), but I’m not sure how hot it would be being manhandled by someone who’s simply doing their job.

And there you have it. I wouldn’t use a male escort because he’s doing his job. I need that massive ego stroke of knowing that a man is with me because he wants to be. A Hotwife relishes being desired by Bulls and for most, it’s as important to them as the sex, if not more so. I also enjoy the flirting and sexting that comes with having a regular Bull which I don’t imagine you can do via an escort without accruing significant charges!

But what if a couple just wants an attractive man to literally turn up and fuck? And more importantly, leave straight afterwards? I do get that, but it all seems very transactional. Clinical even. I’m just not sure if the guarantee of a hard cock on a hot body is going to definitively deliver amazing sex. It takes two to tango after all, and mental connection is key to great sex. It’d be hard to connect with someone who’s billing you by the hour surely?

While I haven’t used a male escort, I have met a few during my travels and I can’t help but think there’s a certain type of man that goes gigolo. Unlike sex workers who provide service to male clients (who outnumber female clients enormously), I feel that most male escorts who deal with female clients can afford to be choosy. I’d say most go into the trade on a whim rather than out of necessity. Certainly most have a day job on top of their moonlighting adventures with mid to high income female clients.

To be brutally honest, I believe some men who go into sex work have some narcissistic tendencies. They know they’re attractive and what’s a bigger compliment to them than people wanting to pay them for sex? Furthermore, if the client isn’t to taste and the money doesn’t compensate for that, they can generally say no. Male escorts for female clients are polar opposites to streetwalkers who kinda have to take what they can get in order to feed themselves. Prostitution isn’t an even playing field, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that male escorts do it for reasons far from financial.

You may have guessed that I have some misgivings about male escorts but that’s not to say I’d dissuade a woman from seeing one, particularly if it’s to pop the Hotwifing cherry. It’s not always easy to find good Bulls (no doubt you’re sick of me going on about that!) so rather than wait around feeling horny, you may as well get proactive and hire one. In fact, for couples who want to plan a big night out of town, it may make sense to have a guaranteed shag so as to not waste a nice hotel room. I don’t see myself going that route but it’s about the destination, not so much how you get there, so why not?


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