No Married Men. Preferably.

I don’t play with married men.

In light of being a shared wife, I’m sure the irony of this rule won’t be lost on you. I’m a married woman who has sex with other men, but I don’t want the men I fuck to be married. Even if they are shared husbands themselves. What gives?

I got in touch recently with a guy whose profile I had admired on The Site. Very nice photos of a buff torso and well written words about his genuine desire to join couples. I sent him an indication of interest and he wrote back almost immediately, pleased but confused since he was married and my profile said ‘no married men’. Too preoccupied by his torso pics, I had completely overlooked his relationship status.

Married Men
Damn it. You don’t need to call her right away…

I apologised for wasting his time. He asked me if his status really was a problem. Apparently he had his wife’s permission to play. Given my disappointing experience with the unattached R, maybe a guy who otherwise ticks all the right boxes shouldn’t be overlooked, even if he’s someone else’s spouse. To my surprise, I typed back ‘Maybe’.

Up until that point, I gave attached guys a wide berth, particularly if they’re cheating. I appreciate there’s a fair chunk of grey area where infidelity is concerned but I’m not interested. It’s none of my business what other people do but I won’t reward bad behaviour with good sex.

So what about my counterpart, the shared husband? Men who are ‘married but allowed’? I don’t go there either. Ultimately I’m just not turned on by the idea of fucking another woman’s man. That’s right. This shared wife does not enjoy sharing her men, except her own husband.

It’s hard to explain why I feel this way. Perhaps I need to know that a man can enjoy me with total abandon. I don’t want him thinking about any other woman when he’s going down on me. When he goes home, I want him to get hard thinking about me, pulling himself off at the thought of his cock buried deep inside me. I don’t want a wife distracting him from fantasising about me. Narcissistic isn’t it?

Still, I think I can see myself moving away from this self-absorbed demand for sexual attention. I expected R to be OK with sharing me when quite possibly he also had that need to fully possess me. To feel like he was the only man that mattered to me. Impossible when my husband is behind me, silently reminding you that I’m not yours.

I think I’m on to something but I’ll extrapolate another day. It’s time for bed.


  1. Hi Emma-

    Great blog and some fascinating insight. I have played in the ‘married with permission’ pool and actually found that I was finding more anymore women who were playing without the hubby’s knowledge. From your experience do you find that the number of women who cheat is pretty much equal in number to the men who cheat? Just curious.

    • Hi Kent. Thanks so much for reading my blog 🙂 I honestly feel that woman are cheating as much as men these days. I think it’s got a lot to do with women no longer being ashamed of enjoying sex so if there’s not enough at home, or the sex isn’t good, there’s as much likelihood for women to cheat.

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