My First DVP

Everyone’s got a sex bucket list right? Those naughty things you gotta try at least once before your sexual prime is a distant memory? It could be as simple as having sex at the movies, or joining the Mile High Club, or something more challenging to implement such as a thirty-strong orgy in an abandoned church. If you don’t have a list, I suggest creating one even if it’s just for fun. Sharing that list with your partner might be an eye-opener!

DVPAnyway, one activity that had been on my sexual bucket list on and off was DVP or double vaginal penetration. DVP wasn’t ever on my radar until I met the Dirty Doctor a few years ago. Until he explained all the ins and outs of DVP, I had very little knowledge of it. I never even came across it in porn. Although DD assured me enthusiastically that DVP was totally possible, I had my misgivings. Two Penises. One Hole. Just… How??

I think my hesitancy mainly came from not having given birth vaginally. I know the vagina is accommodating but without first-hand experience, it’s still hard to fathom what can or can’t go up there. The idea of two hard cocks squeezing into my pussy both turned me on but also terrified me a little. Still, I knew I wanted to at least try it. Given the feedback I got from both men and women about how mind-blowingly good DVP is, I had reason to believe it’d be worth the effort.

My husband enjoys taking part in DP fun but had no desire to participate in DVP himself which isn’t unusual (and more on that later). However, he was happy for me to try it, so when a playfriend of ours was back in town and a mutual friend was also available to play, we booked a hotel room. Unfortunately DD wasn’t available (again!) but three cocks was more than enough for a school night!

Our friend L had already teamed up a number of times in the past with K to provide DVP pleasure so I knew I was in good hands. K was fun to chat with online and we got along even better in person over a few drinks at the hotel bar. I have to admit that I was getting pretty excited at the prospect of some DP fun to start off with so we all finished our drinks and made our way to the room.

None of us wasted any time in getting the action started. After almost an hour of being licked, sucked, stroked and fucked by L and K, I was ready to see if I could take both of them into my wanting hole. K positioned me on top of L and I eased myself onto his big long cock. K got behind me and gently pushed his own cock into me, sliding over L’s to get all the way deep inside. The initial push was a little shocking but soon enough the extra stretch started to feel really good. Even though it was a tight fit, I could feel the two cocks moving in and out.

We changed position a few times but found one that worked well. It’s difficult to describe in words other than to say the guys lay on the bed ‘dick to dick’, while I climbed on top and mounted the two cocks. Riding two cocks like that was very intense. Once I had enough DVP fun, we got back to doing other stuff and finish off for the night. My husband stopped filming and took charge of his slut wife while K and L both jerked their cocks off, leaving my face covered in cum.

So there you go. Questions?

Are K and L straight or bisexual?

Both K and L (and DD) are straight men but completely at ease with using their dicks to please a woman in whatever way she wants. My husband on the other hand is straight but there’s a limit to what he finds arousing and direct contact with another penis isn’t his cup of tea. There are other straight men who can’t be in the same room with another naked man at all. Hmmm… I feel a new blog post coming on… Stay tuned!

So what’s in it for straight men to do DVP?

From what I gather, it’s the taboo aspect of DVP. It’s very porn, it’s very dirty and just soooo very obscene. How naughty is it to stuff two cocks into a horny pussy? I think the pleasure is in watching a woman just lose her mind over how good it feels. Any added sensation from sharing a hole with another penis is dependent on how open-minded the guy is. Hey, you can be straight but if it feels good, it feels good right? For most part though, DVP is all about the woman’s pleasure and that’s what the guys take delight in.

Were K & L hung? Is an average sized cock better for DVP?

L’s cock is just over 9 inches and average in thickness. K’s is just under 8 inches and average to thick. I would suggest that two average sized cocks would be ideal to start with. Length shouldn’t matter, though I think there’s an advantage to having one longer cock that can stay anchored in better, if that makes sense. Two shorter, fat sausages would be harder to manage unless both guys are very experienced in DVP.

Can you use condoms with DVP?

I personally worried about this as I had read that DVP can be tricky with condoms and you’d want at least one guy to go bareback. Both K and L are experienced and had rock hard cocks so using condoms posed no issues. No slippage or rips. I would imagine if one or both guys were prone to losing their erection because of condom usage AND the unusual situation of DVP, then it will be pretty hard going.

Be honest. Did it hurt?

I’d be lying if I said the initial feeling wasn’t uncomfortable. I did feel a twinge when K got his cock all the way in but no pain. The pleasure took over pretty quickly. I definitely would have stopped if the discomfort continued or the twinge got worse. Every woman will experience their first (or any) DVP differently. As I said before, I didn’t give birth vaginally but I have taken a few big thick cocks in my time. Now that I know what to expect, I won’t be as nervous either.

Would you do DVP again?

Definitely! I would however only do it with guys who I know will respect my wishes and needs, and who have prior experience and can stay hard with a condom on. DVP can probably be a very unsexy experience if you aren’t prepared for it, or if the guys struggle to make it happen. K and L had a great rapport with each other and because they’d ‘worked’ together before, our DVP was awesome! Also, I think I’d be mindful of size and if I had one guy who was hung, the other guy would need to be average sized.


  1. An excellent article thanks.

    So would you say DVP can be a lot of fun, but it wasn’t going to make you cum?
    Is DP better in that regard?
    Do you know if it took long (hours/day?) for your battered bits (sounds tasty 😉 to return to normal?

    Much appreciated, Alex.

    • Glad you liked. I knew I missed something! I had a lot of fun but perhaps because it was my first time, I didn’t come. I did enjoy the sensations and it certainly turned me on but no. I might next time or might not either. Hard to say as it’s not like I can have DVP all the time to see if I can come from it. It doesn’t worry me. I do get off from DP much easier. I was sore-ish the next day but I could have easily played again the next night sort of thing.

  2. Really appreciable for something new for a good positive change love the story can say a perfect cock queen who can handle multiple cocks at time . U really have an ultimate talent with utmost potential to be adult movie star. Please if possible try for it

    • Thank you! I don’t think I could be a professional adult star but I enjoy what I do and share so far on Only Fans 😀

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