My XXXmas Present

A couple of years ago, I complained bitterly about a wannabe Bull who I met for drinks but who later ghosted me. Aside from his inexperience in group situations or Hotwifing, he ticked many of my boxes as far as the perfect single guy was concerned, so when he disappeared, I was truly disappointed. Of course I moved on but I never quite forgot the photos he had shared of his big, bent cock. My kind of BBC.

XXXmas PresentSince the ghosting, BD (Banana Dick) still hung around The Site on and off. He never approached me, and with good reason, since I wouldn’t have had anything kind to say to him. I did wonder what he was doing investing his time in a recreational pursuit that he clearly wasn’t suited for. Or was he finding a better fit than this demanding Hotwife who doesn’t put the brakes on when she sees what she wants?

Between COVID-life and keeping myself occupied with a select number of guys last year, I gave little thought to BD. So little that when he contacted me on The Site just before Christmas last year, I was genuinely taken by surprise. BD was hugely apologetic and explained his side of the story. He genuinely wanted to play with us, but he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to tackle what to him was a very kinky change of pace. He told me that he had since had a few experiences with a girlfriend, as well as a couple, to start feeling totally comfortable with group play.

I assured BD that it was all fine. I may not have been as gracious a year ago, but I have to admit that I was impressed by his apology after all this time. I’ll also admit that the thought of finally being able to have that big bent cock inside me was first and foremost. After some further chatting and getting the OK from my husband to arrange a playdate with BD for Christmas night, we organised a hotel room.

BD seemed very keen for the session to be a multiple cock scenario which I didn’t have a problem with at all. We invited our regular play friend P to join us since he was at ease with group play. Needless to say I was very excited at the prospect of having three guys make my Christmas very special. I put on the perfect red lingerie set for the occasion and we made our way to the hotel.

My husband sent P up to our room once he arrived and we wasted no time setting the mood for the evening. BD arrived at the lobby shortly after and he too was sent up to get me prepared. It was a little awkward seeing him again, but we didn’t need much small talk after all. He put his hand around my neck and kissed me while P continued playing with my pussy, which was getting very wet from the attention.

It wasn’t long before I was on the bed with P and BD who took turns licking my tight wet hole. P was eager as ever to start fucking so he got out of his jeans and put a condom on. BD took that as a cue to get undressed too. I couldn’t help but stare at the huge cock that sprung out of BD’s underwear. It was beautifully thick and the bend was very pronounced. BD fed it into my mouth as P entered my eager pussy. I could barely keep BD’s cock inside my mouth as P pounded away.

Soon my husband entered the hotel room and took in the sight. After admiring the vision, he suggested that it was time for me to enjoy some double penetration. I climbed on top of BD and gentled eased myself over his big dick. Once settled, P got into position and pushed his long cock into my ass. The pleasure was immediate and BD loved that he could watch my face as I got stretched and the sensation got tighter around his cock. The two men thrust their cock in and out my holes until I was convulsing with pleasure. Eventually my husband filled my mouth with his cock and I was officially air-tight.

P changed his condom out and got me ready for some hard pussy fucking. BD knelt next to us on the bed and watched me take every inch of P’s cock. Occasionally he’d push his dick into my mouth, chiding me,

“You said you wanted more than two cocks so you better show us you can handle them.”

Soon P was ready to blow his load and I told him to shoot every drop into my mouth. P didn’t hesitate, pulling out of my pussy and stroking his shaft at my open mouth. His cum spurt hard and fast down my throat. There was so much that it dripped out the side of my mouth. I sucked the last few drops from his cock before he lay back to take a breath. It wasn’t surprising that he needed a rest given the size of the load.

BD however was more than ready to pick up the slack and lay back on the bed. I had an idea of what he wanted. He motioned me over to squat over his huge dick. I rode him slowly for a while before he stopped me to get the angle right. BD then started piston-fucking me upwards, hitting that perfect spot with his magical bent cock. It didn’t take long until I felt myself gushing all over BD and the bed. The sensation of letting go felt so good. I always feel naughty making a squirting mess which just adds to the enjoyment.

Not content to let me be until I squirted all over his face, BD kept using his cock to get every last drop. Eventually he had to stop as he felt himself getting close to blowing his own load. He insisted on shaking it off but I was more than ready to have him use my pussy for his own pleasure. BD lay back and let me do the riding, and within minutes he came, almost surprised by how easily he let go. He later told me that it was only the second time he came during sex all year. It was a Christmas miracle!

After some post-sex chatting and recovery, BD got dressed and thanked us for a less than traditional, but supremely satisfying Christmas evening. Needless to say, I felt extremely blessed and thankful. It was the perfect reward for being a nice and naughty Hotwife all year!

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