New Year. No New Men!

I meant to do a ‘Happy New Year’ type post well before today but no sooner had I swept up the confetti after ushering in 2022, than I found myself in a rather busy spell. And no, not the fun sort of busy. I certainly wasn’t ‘getting busy’. I just plain got busy. Of course, it’s not like there’s a swarm of sexy Bulls waiting to be met so my time has been better spent on other pursuits to be honest.

looking for new menBusy schedules not withstanding, we’ve also been more mindful of how we meet single guys at the moment. Obviously COVID-19’s still a concern (even though we’re vaccinated and boosted) but we’ve had a couple of close calls via The Site that’s made us extra judicious about the pool we choose from. I’m not overly paranoid about being outed as a Hotwife, but the last thing we want is awkwardness or hassles extending into our regular life, especially where our family and work are concerned.

Given that, I don’t have a slew of eligible men to start dating, even if I could make the time. So far, I’ve only had one play date, and a drinks date, and it’s already March! The guy we met for a play session seemed ideal when I scoped him out over an afternoon drink. However, when we met up at our hotel room for a pre-play drink, my husband told me that he found him odd: not in a bad way, but odd nonetheless. When that happens my husband is happy for play to still happen, but it doesn’t make for the sexiest session!

I enjoyed the sex with Odd Guy enough but here and there I found myself wondering if my husband was right. We were left to play on our own mostly but it was still hard to feel connected with him sexually, beyond our genitalia making contact. Ultimately, we didn’t vibe as much as I hoped we would. Perhaps it was misplaced optimism on my part that the one decent guy who crossed my path in 2022 would provide amazing Hotwifing sex. It was sadly, just sex. Very normal sex, which is still good by all means.

There was also high hopes for the second guy I met. He’s from out of town and extremely eligible. Unfortunately he’s too eligible and it’s hard to narrow down a night (or day) that he’s free as he’s not short on female attention. Then there’s the added complication of him wanting to meet my husband socially first before committing to a play date. It’s hard enough making time to just meet me, but both of us? It’s a fair request of course, but a rare one. 99.9% of single guys are content to meet for a drink with the option to play if everyone is happy. I so happened to meet that 0.01%-er! Now to work out if he’s worth persevering with…

Anyway, we’ll see what this month brings but unless an outstanding Bull that meets our criteria pops up online, who is easy to arrange a meet/play with, I’m not going to go out of my way to date. I have two regulars and a husband that keep me satisfied after all. Plus, it would be nice to feel genuinely excited again about meeting someone new and savouring the anticipation of fucking fresh cock. I’ll casually search but I’m equally happy to see what falls into my lap when I least expect it.

I hope everyone’s had a great start to 2022!


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