Online Dating for Hotwives

There are many ways for a Hotwife to meet a new playfriend, and the best way is really dependent on individual circumstances and requirements. Some Vixens and Stags enjoy the thrill of the hunt and specifically meet men at bars or clubs. Other Hotwifing couples look closer to home and approach friends or acquaintances, or even old boyfriends or ex-husbands. If it gets you laid, then go for it!

Online Dating
Mmmm… I like knowing that he’s interested in pegging.

Personally, I’m an advocate for online dating and have mainly met playfriends through that avenue. Some earlier encounters involved friends and I can safely say that we’ll never go down that route again. On the other end of the spectrum, picking up a stranger in public? As spontaneously sexy as that may be, no can do. I’m a bold and sexually assertive woman but I simply don’t have the nerve to approach someone who may or may not welcome my advances, which are hardly vanilla in nature.

For me, dating websites and apps bridge the gap between fucking friends and fucking strangers. I can take my time to see which men suit my needs before sending them a message. I can then spend more time getting to know them over chat or phone, and arrange a date once I’m sure they’re someone I’ll enjoy having sex with. Before I even meet them in real life, I’ll have a good idea of our sexual compatibility. The rest will hinge on chemistry of course, but that’s no different to any other method of hooking up.

I had avoided mentioning specific online dating apps and sites up until now for reasons of privacy (not that I think anyone will come across my profiles!) and because I didn’t want to come across as someone trying to sell products through this blog. However, it’s clear from the many emails and comments received that many Hotwifing couples don’t know how to find Bulls, and vice versa. So that in mind, I’ll cover some ways to meet single men or Hotwives online, and recommend the best sites and apps.

Adult/Swingers Dating Apps and Sites

The two main sources of online dating success for me are Redhotpie and SDC. Being in Australia most of the time, I generally only use Redhotpie if I am looking for a new playmate locally or if I’m out of town. Their app is fun to use and I can reply to messages and check out new studs while on the go. You can be very specific and explicit about what you’re seeking on Redhotpie. The profile criteria are helpful so you can find that 6’8″ giant with trimmed pubic hair if you so need. Redhotpie is very popular in Australia and has international versions (,, so hopefully you’ll find some sexy locals wherever you are too.

SDC (Swingers Dating Club) is my next go-to app/site to use, especially if I’m travelling overseas. SDC admittedly has a larger membership base for people living in the US but the site has been around for a long time and started there so it’s little wonder. Just like Redhotpie, you can be explicit about your needs on SDC profiles and search for men who have the assets and skills you require. I have enjoyed many evenings (and a few afternoons) of fun while on holidays thanks to SDC. Visit their website or try their app.

Mainstream Dating Apps

I have dabbled in the world of Tinder and I can’t say I’m a fan. If I may say, it seems to be full of ‘fuckboys’. If their ability to swipe left or right is the sum total of the effort they’re prepared to put into meeting women, I’ll pass. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for NSA fun, but I want great sex; not sex that makes me wish I stayed home with a cup of tea. Other than the quality of men being questionable, I don’t like that you have to join Tinder via your Facebook profile. I believe you can’t change some personal details (like location, age) without paying the premium version.

If anything, I prefer Bumble which I would have a great time on, were I a single woman. There is no option to list yourself as married so I felt a bit weird having to explain to guys who matched me (and were supposedly seeking a long term relationship) that I was spoken for but enjoyed fucking the occasional side boy. Not surprisingly, most guys on Bumble were down with that. So there are some good options in the vanilla dating app game but be prepared to do a lot of explaining to get what you want (maybe). Finally, I’d steer clear of the romantic dating apps such as eHarmony and as folk on there are generally serious about meeting ‘the one’. Yet many are on Tinder as well! 🤣

General Social Networking Apps and Sites

I gotta say that a lot of people do hook up via Twitter and it’s a known thing that some Hotwives like to #fuckafollower occasionally. Heck, every now and then I think that might be fun too. Unfortunately, I made it a rule when I started this blog and persona as ‘A Shared Wife’ that I’d keep my online and offline worlds separate. If I ever do fuck a follower, I won’t know that he’s a follower and he won’t know that I’m me. If that makes sense?

Anyway, for those who aren’t concerned about privacy and want to cast a really wide net, then social media apps are probably a reasonable avenue to meet people. Be warned though, you better bring your A game because the competition is pretty stiff out there. For every guy who wants to get laid on dating apps (and pay the premium membership), there are literally a hundred who want to get laid for free. I’d know since offers to peruse dick pics in person are plentiful on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. I can’t say I’ve been tempted. Much…

I think specific sub-areas of social media sites and app might help. Reddit has quite a few active Hotwifing subreddits that allow people to post ads but it can be hit or miss with location and eligibility. Again, if you’re keen and have the time then you can cast that wide net and see what you can haul in. It’s also pretty obvious on Twitter which Hotwives are actively seeking to meet men but again, get in the queue!

In my next post, I’ll go over some tips on how to meet people online, whatever your preferred choice of medium.


  1. I recently tried Ashley Madison to see if I could find a married female who might be interested in some extra circular activities with a mature man. I had specified that I only was interested in married Females who may be looking for a FWB, NSA. What I was getting was emails from young single females who wanted me to sign up for a Hookup App that charges money. I refused and low and behold they went away. This tells me that there are young honey’s out there on AM who ae attempting to scam guys by having the sing up for this Hookup App. So, buyer beware.

    • Oh my. I can’t believe Ashley Madison exists still. I don’t know anyone who met a flesh and blood person from there. Unfortunately I think that site is a moneypit so I’d try something else! PS – It’s very, very likely that those honeys are not even women.

      • I realize I’m replying to an older thread, but I can say that I’ve actually met a few women on AM. MOST are bots, yes, but you learn to sort through them.

        • Oh I think there are definitely still genuine people on there but there are probably more reliable ways to meet real people online these days lol

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