Photo Etiquette

If you’re a subscriber of my Only Fans profile (thank you!), or follow me on Twitter, then it’ll come as no surprise that I loooooove taking photos of myself. I’ve always been an exhibitionist and get very aroused at the thought of being watched. Needless to say, I am at my most entertaining when actually being watched.

Photo etiquetteI do however have some strict rules and etiquette where photo or video taking and sharing are concerned. It’s very easy to get out the iPhone and click away, especially in the heat of the moment, but spare a thought as to what you’re taking snaps of and what you’re going to do with them. Definitely think twice before hitting the ‘Send’ button. What you may think is fun to share may deeply offend or completely revolt the recipient. Not a good outcome!

Here are some quick pointers on taking, sharing and receiving sexy pics:


  • Only take nudes or dick pics when you feel good about yourself and are sober. Once you send a file via the Internet, you can’t unsend it. It’s now potentially the property of the whole world (wide web). Even if you can’t be identified in the photo or video, only send images or vids that you are happy to have exist on the Internet for all of eternity.
  • Protect your privacy and identity at all cost. Be very mindful of taking photos that can identify you. Crop out your face or blur out distinguishing features such as tattoos and piercings. Even if you don’t care now, you may care in five or ten years time when somehow videos of your solo sexy time end up on Porn Hub.
  • If you’re trying to make a good impression, put some effort into your setting. Choose good lighting, flattering angles and make sure you don’t have anything embarrassing visible in the background, like an open toilet seat or a photo-bombing toddler. If your room is a mess, find an area that isn’t cluttered.
  • Think about what it is that you want to project to the recipient. Yes, you may want to show off your junk but it wouldn’t hurt to make it creative or enticing. Save the macro close-ups for pretty flowers. No woman wants to see how many veins are running up your shaft or the towel fluff caught up in your pubes. Most women appreciate seeing some torso in the shot.
  • Permission – Make sure you gain permission to take photos of other people. Do not film or photograph people engaging sexually with you without their knowledge or consent. It’s illegal and as such, you can get into a lot of trouble if your covert filming gets out in the wild somehow. It’s also pretty fucking creepy to do that to someone. I always ask a guy if he’s comfortable with filming and assure him that we do not take face shots.


  • Ideally, only share your nudes or dick pics with people who want to see them (ie – they have explicitly asked you to send some). I have lost count of the number of dick pics I have received on Instagram from clueless guys who assume that because I post sexy photos that I simply must want to see random junk from all around the world. Yes, your penis may be special to you, but it’s really just yet another penis to most women.
  • Keep in mind that in this age of #metoo, sending unsolicited dick pics may eventually be defined as sexual harassment. I personally am a jaded tart so a dick pic doesn’t faze me but some women do get distraught at the sight of an unfamiliar, erect penis. Especially if there’s accompanying text saying, ‘Ride this, bitch’, or ‘You want this right?’. It’s aggressive; not sexy.
  • Make sure that you are sharing your nudes and sensitive content with the right person. I stopped using my main phone number for anything naughty on the off chance I send something inappropriate to a vanilla contact. Limit your sharing to an App or website.
  • If you want to be super discreet with photo and vid sharing, I recommend using Instagram or Snapchat which both have settings to limit the duration of time a person can view content. You will also be informed if your recipient has taken a screenshot so you can point a finger at someone if that particular image ends up somewhere it shouldn’t.
  • If like me you wish to share your content online, keep in mind that once you upload something, it’s no longer just yours. Choose platforms that have some safeguards in place such as Only Fans and Fan Centro. By asking people to subscribe to your account, you are limiting the number of people who have access to your more sensitive content. You do however need to accept that people can still take screenshots and record what’s playing on a screen. Just be careful with what you wish to share!
  • Permission – Ensure that you have full permission from anyone appearing in your content to share stuff to a third party. If you didn’t get permission, but the person agreed to being filmed, then do remove any identifiable features of that person so you are the main star. I get it. Some photos are share-worthy but the least you can do is exercise discretion in the same way you’d like others to do for you. I have received action pics and vids from potential Bulls who haven’t made the effort to remove faces etc. from the content. Needless to say, that’s a dealbreaker for me.


  • There’s not much trouble you can get into as a recipient of nudes and sex videos unless the person featured is underaged. If you cannot 100% be certain that the person/s appearing in a video or image sent to you is legally defined as an adult in your country DELETE IMMEDIATELY!! It’s not worth keeping even a suggestive shot of a girl or boy you think may be sixteen. They may be over the age of consent but they are not an adult so any images taken or disseminated will be defined as child pornography. DELETE!!
  • My policy for receiving nudes and adult content is that if I am not interested in the person appearing in them, I will delete them. I can turn to Porn Hub if I want to watch strangers fuck. As I mentioned before, if I am sent action shots of a Bull with some identifiable female or male in it, I will delete them.
  • If someone asks you to delete an image they want to show you once you have seen it, consider asking them to send them via Instagram or Snapchat so they are in charge of its deletion. I do not want to ever be accused of passing on sensitive content so I’d rather never have it, if that makes sense.


Finally, have a good protocol for storing your sensitive content. I really don’t recommend having it in your main photo album on your phone or scattered precariously on your laptop’s home screen. There are many great Apps and software out there to help safeguard content. Once you have taken and shared some nudes, I would file them away in something like Private Photo Vault. Check that you have the double safeguard of your phone being in locked mode, should it ever get lost or stolen.

You can of course transfer your content to a hard disk or USB drive but you would need to take due care in hiding them. You do not want to pass on a stick to your mother that you thought contained your wedding photos. Similarly, you want to protect your images and videos from theft. I know too many people who have inadvertently become famous that way. As for the Cloud, you would need to weigh the pros and cons up yourself as to how reliable it is. For most part, I think it’s safe, but I won’t use it. Call me old school.


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