Playtime Logistics

I’ve mentioned quite a few times throughout my blog that I prefer to play with single guys who are experienced with couples or group situations. Other than being comfortable with another penis or two in the room, men with extensive experience get it. They get that a couple has better things to do then wait around for a single guy to decide if he’s free for playtime or not.

Playtime Logistics
Look honey, we can fit a BBC in right here!

Most couples (and, to be fair, singles) are time-poor. Work and family life can impinge on #slutlife: before you know it, a whole month passes without spare cock action. Spontaneous playtime are few and far between, and sexy sessions can require logisitical graft to actualise. It’s almost Mission Impossible! Sometimes, a play date takes so much effort that it can end up a bit anti-climactic too.

So how can you make the most of your free night, or even free up a night for fun? Here are some tips:

Don’t let people waste your time

I’ve always maintained that while there are indeed time-wasters, there are also people who let their time get wasted. Avoid getting into lengthy online chats as they will go nowhere. Trust me. People who are genuinely interested in meeting will trade numbers and suggest meeting within the week. Toe-dippers, photo collectors and catfish are always keen to chat but avoid making concrete plans. If you enable them, then you can only blame yourself for not getting laid. Move on ASAP!

Choose your guy wisely

You might not 100% agree with my single guys checklist but if you’re not sure where to start, then it’s worth taking a look. A good test for me is seeing how willing a guy is to meet me and my husband for a social drink. Regardless of how you plan to Hotwife, a potential play friend should be respectful of your relationship. Even if you don’t involve your Stag in playtime, a guy who acknowledges him always gets my tick of approval. If he offers to take a video for him, he’s a keeper.

Think outside the box for playtime options

Let’s assume you have a reliable Bull who is flexible with time. Then the hardest is actually freeing up a night to have fun. Some households are ridiculously busy so a super late night may not be possible, even on weekends. If that’s the case, then try starting your night early, or even look at having weeknight fun. If you have flexible work hours, try a daytime play for something different.

Find a kids-free moment

We wouldn’t trade it for anything but a lot of couples will tell you that playtime is often thwarted by parenthood. Reliable babysitters are worth their weight in gold so ensure that you have some on speed-dial if your kids are too small to leave at home alone. Better still, farm your children off for a sleepover so you can host at home. No sitter? Try and score a sneaky hour of fun while the kids are at school.

Organise a play venue

Where to play is another conundrum for couples. If you can’t host at all so, you’ll need to find play friends who can, or are happy to split a hotel room. Some hotels offer half-day rates if you don’t need to stay overnight. Another option may be to meet a play friend at a swingers club which has private rooms. It’s not for everyone but it sure beats getting arrested for public indecency, right? 🤣 If your house is big enough and your kids are sound sleepers, then sneaking in a trusted Bull for a late night quickie is always fun.

Playtime Logistics: A Case Study

So what do I do personally? My husband and I are lucky to have flexible work hours but our preference is still to play after-hours. Since ‘meeting and playing‘ doesn’t always work out, I will sometimes have a drink or coffee with a new play friend on my own to see if there’s chemistry. If I like the guy, I can organise a separate play night, or if I really like him, I can invite him over later at night when the kids are asleep. Once I’ve met a guy and he’s become a reliable play friend, then we can organise hotels and so on.

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